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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I agree actually David. The size of the photo I get from the comic shop makes it easier to favour the simple bold images. I have a feeling that Thor cover is really good too but I can’t quite make out what’s going on.


It is quite good.


Some more books out today:


I like the covers for both The Prisoner and Multiple Man, but it’s a bit unfortunate for them both that they came out the same week.


Yeah that was my impression too, while Brubaker is doing a lot of TV work he seems pretty intent on keeping his regular Sean Phillips book going. It looks more like that when you consider this OGN must have been completed while they were also putting out their regular series as there’s been no real gap.

I’d be happy if these guys keep putting out that monthly book, under whatever name, for as long as they physically can. It would be pretty unique if they had that collaboration for like 40 years or something.


I’m at the stage now that I don’t know if I can wait for trades with their work - it’s a bit of a catch 22; I want to read it as it comes out, especially as I miss all the back matter - but I also know I want to have them on my shelves for rereading.

I’ve read my criminal trades 3 times and my mum has read them twice (as well as reading the single issues when they came out) It’s the sort of book that you see on your shelf and want to pick it up again.

I spend far too much time procrastinating over comics, thankfully the next one is an OGN and I don’t have to make a choice.

Onto the the other books this month - I’m quite excited about the Sentry and the Multiple Man series sounds good, after reading interviews with Lemire and Rosenburg about their plans for the respective titles.

I’m hoping to get caught up on a lot of digital stuff on holiday in a few days.


This is exactly why the digital/OHC combo works for me - you get to read it as it comes out and see all the articles and extras, and then you also get a nice version for your bookshelf.


Wicked + The Divine: Pretty neat developments. Like the issue before last, it’ll likely read better in trade, for obvious reasons haha. But I like how things have been unfolding. That’s been my main pleasure with this series, just how the plot goes on and develops.

Bloodstrike: Brutalists Part 2: I can hardly tell what is going on in this comic half of the time, but from I’ve read of early Image…that captures the feel almost exactly. What I can read is something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm that leaps of the page. So fun and compels me to re-read once this miniseries is over.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #36: 36 issues in and over 1000 pages, with no end in sight for this arc - and issues like this can still come along and make it feel as fresh as ever. Everything is looking chaotic and messy for all of the characters and it’s just a rollicking good time to read.

Venom #3: Still pretty enjoyable. Glad I put this on my pull.


I hear it is better than Watchmen.


They use 18 panels per page instead of nine. Much denser read.


Moore and Gibbons are kicking themselves now.


I mean, it has Venom.
Watchmen doesn’t.

Seems pretty clear to me.


Actually, Moore conceded all rights to kicking himself to Gibbons.


I swear the other day I saw Geoff Johns chasing Moore down the street trying to kick him.


Looks like just Man of Steel #5 for me today unless something else perks my interest.

That’s an interesting observation as I would think a lot of Silver Age covers would not scale down as well especially the ones of the word balloon variety.


As we have finally gotten one child out of full-time daycare, my comics budget ticked up and I decided it was a good time to check out some of Marvel’s new stuff. I have to say, Thor and Black Panther were both standouts this week.

Del Mundo’s a great choice for art on Thor, and this new “chapter” in Aaron’s story is giving me everything I want, particularly a handful of Asgardians we haven’t seen in a long while.

Panther has me off balance, but I love the space setting and the mysteries being set up. It’s funny, I just watched the “writers room” bonus feature on the BP movie on Monday, and Coates talks about how the movie made him realize he needed to step up his game. He’s done it.


Golden Age covers are where it’s at.

FUN Comics #1 reigns supreme.


It’s true that the word balloons become pointless. But the point occurred to me as I was recently reading an overview of Silver-Age comics that uses cover thumbnails, and you can identify what’s happening in every cover even at 1"x1.5". Usually there are two or three clearly-defined figures, usually performing one very obvious interaction. They are really so simple that you can instantly grasp what you’re looking at even at tiny size.

I’m not holding this up as a “silver age comics were better” argument, as it’s a very peculiar and specific situation that neither type of cover has been (or needs to be) designed for. It’s just a difference that I thought was interesting.


That’s because they were displayed on newsstands and had to catch your eye from far away.


Can’t recall the Fun Comics #1 cover, but look at this classic More Fun #54 cover:


It’s so simple, shrink it as much as you like and you’ll still be able to see it’s a giant Dr. Manhattan striding across the battlefields of Vietnam.