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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Ah, was that stuff with all the different teams not related to the new Justice League book then? DC moves fast enough these days that I lose track.


It seems so. I’ve just jumped in with Justice League and it makes no mention of any of that.


Good to know, cheers.


I remember 40!

So very, very vaguely…


Justice League #2 - The mysteries deepen in this issue. I’m still enjoying it and loving Jorge Jimenez’s art. It feels like Snyder is setting something really epic up here. I’m all in for more.

Man of Steel #4 - Bendis continues to impress on his Superman revamp. The picture starts to become a slight bit clearer with this issue and even includes a character that firmly places this still in Rebirth continuity. I’m definitely in for more of this.

Wild Storm #14 - I continue to sit on the fence with this book. I’ve given Ellis a bit more rope based on the way he currently writes but still find it a bit more of a wink wink nudge nudge take on his previous Wildstorm work. I’ll probably give the next issue a peak but this is quite possibly my last.

Hit-Girl #5 - It’s incredible to see another creative team’s take on Millarworld’s favorite pint sized Punisher. @Mark_Millar chose well. I love the framing of the issue and can’t wait to read the rest of this story. It really makes me look forward to subsequent teams as well.


I just read it yesterday and agree. It was fantastic. I just hope that Selina laughing at the end is because she knows the Joker is wrong, that Bruce can be happy and be Batman. If this is a reason to call off the wedding I’m going to be disappointed.


Selena laughing I think is a reference to the previous dialogue that when she was a villain in the with the Joker’s gang she never laughed when they did all the time, she says she only laughs when she’s winning. So I read it as a triumphal moment that she’s got what she wants so has won.


Jumping ahead to tomorrow’s releases, I suddenly realize that three ongoing titles that I have been collecting since their inceptions will be releasing their final issues tomorrow: Kill or Be Killed #20, Harrow County #32, and Astro City #52.

Moving forward, Kurt Busiek and his team will be releasing Astro City as longer-format graphic novels; Brubaker and Phillips also appear to be abandoning the monthly 32-page format in favor of OGNs such as the upcoming My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies. I know the “floppy” isn’t dead yet, but it is surely taking a beating.

That makes me kinda sad.


Yep, can’t wait for the Kill Or Be Killed finale.

I’m not sure if that’s the case - I think My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies is a separate project and not just the future model for all their collaborations.

Brubaker has talked in the letters pages about them working together on a new series that’s a spiritual sequel to The Fade Out (and includes some of the same characters), and I always got the impression that was going to be in the regular serialised format. (Although I could be wrong.)

There may even be more details in tomorrow’s issue…


What’s your thoughts on Harrow Country, Jerry?

I’ve been tempted a few time but been put off by Bunn’s big two work.

Is it effective as a horror book?


His Sixth Gun is far better - though I haven’t read it all the way through, just the first two trades, but there he’s paired with Hurrt and those two really work well together.

Harrow County has BPRD alumni Tyler Crook who took on the mammoth task of following Guy Davis on BPRD! So, it’s one of those I’ve been wondering about for a while. That it’s concluding makes it more attractive, not less.


Harrow County is a very interesting Gothic horror story set in the South in (I think) the 1930s. I think it’s Cullen Bunn’s best work, and Tyler Crook’s artwork is suited to the mood of the story — appropriately gruesome at times, but generally low key to match Bunn’s approach to the events of the storyline. I’ll be sorry to see it end.



Kill Or Be Killed looks great there. Although I’m a sucker for an ASM #50 reference.


Talking of which, Sean Phillips just posted this teaser at his blog:


Most of those covers are a bit of a mess to be honest. I think “busy” modern covers don’t scale down well to thumbnail size at all. Looking at Flash and Terrifics in particular, I can barely make sense of the images. Look at silver-age covers in comparison – simple bold images that are still clear and understandable when you shrink them down to thumbnails.

That’s not a criticism of the covers, by the way, simply an observation. Obviously the images aren’t designed to be presented at thumbnail size, and that’s fine, no reason why they should be. They probably look fine at the intended size.

So all that’s just an explanation of why I think the simpler images look better here. Probably Moon Knight wins for me, being the best balance between simple and interesting.


It has to be kill or be killed for me

Now to avoid spoilers while I wait on the final trade

Another read from the start is on the cards

That’ll be the 4th time I’ve read it from the start now - and it’s fantastic every time


I’m at the point where that ASM homage has been done a little too much now. It still looks good but it’s basically just an easy cliche.


Without giving too much away, it’s particularly meaningful for this series. The book as a whole has had an interesting tangential relationship with early-era Spider-Man in lots of quite subtle ways.


I think I’m going to reread the whole thing after I read #20, which I should get around to later today.

I’ve been buying it in singles digitally but as ever I will definitely double-dip on the (hopefully inevitable) OHC collection. Phillips art for this series has maybe been his best ever, and will be worth owning in hardcopy.