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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Any ideas who did the cover?


Gary Gianni. He’s the guy who did the Prince Valiant newspaper strip for years and years.


Agreed Batman was excellent. This is DC’s best selling comic and he just does a long conversation (and Batman doesn’t appear physically, just some off-panel dialogue). He’s really running with confidence now compared to his first arc which seemed a bit of a compromise to write a more ‘mainstream’ book.


I gave up Batman early in King’s run as it felt like exactly that, a standard mainstream superhero book. I might have to jump back on and try it again at some point.


I think the artists have helped too. David Finch is of that kind of 90s bombastic style which isn’t that suited to some of the subtle stuff he’s doing now (mostly with Joelle Jones and Mikel Janin).


I’d say the run is still inconsistent. The Booster arc before this one was pretty stinky imo, and the first issue of this arc was needlessly grim. Every now and then King will uncork a gem like this issue though.


Yup, that’s why this old man still buys comics - the long conversations.

Have you lot been drinking the Kool-Aid?


Hey one of my favourite comics ever was Quicksilver going for psychotherapy in X-Factor. Can’t beat a good old fashioned conversation issue. :wink:


This conversation issue is more exciting and suspenseful than most action issues.


Read every other arc and it’ll be a great run. Basically skip the War of Jokes and Riddles as well as the Booster Gold arc that just concluded. Maybe a few more in there that I’m forgetting.


I didn’t mind it but the main criticism seemed to be Booster acting out of character and I’ve barely read any comics with him in. So that kind of went over my head.

It is true it’s still a little uneven but I can see he’s trying stuff now, whereas I think the opening arc was overly conservative. It smacked of being given a major mainstream title and not Omega Men or Sheriff of Babylon and not quite knowing how to adjust.

I can’t deny there are a couple of grim/sadistic bits in the run, I don’t know though, I don’t really care any more. I did a while back but I’m subscribed to this iFanboy t-shirt comics mantra now after a while on tone and continuity.


Seems familiar


Onto another comic I’ve been waiting for the right moment to read.

It had to be dark, with only the light from my iPad breaking that darkness in the room.

Not really a horror comic per se, but going back to the horror tinted roots that Al Ewing discusses in his brilliant letter to the readers at the back of the book.

I’ve been looking forward to this so much and determined to read it late one night where I knew I wasn’t going to be at risk of nodding off. Just to get the atmosphere right.

The Immortal Hulk does not disappoint. It gets off to a brilliant start and was not quite what I was expecting at all. Which in a way makes it even better.

The components all come together here, from the monstrous and enticing cover, to the art (two back to back sparse double page spreads really push some boundaries in a way I have not seen done before) and the script from Ewing feels lovingly refined.

This is clearly a passing project and that shines through, from Ewing in particular.

This character has needed a decent writer with a fresh take for a long time now, since Bruce Jones maybe.

We are big fans of Ewing on Millarworld and it was about time Marvel handed him the keys to something like this.

If they mess it up by dragging another of his books into a shitty event I’m going to travel to the States and fuck someone up.


Planet of the Apes: URSUS is an amazing tie-in comic, both interquel and sidequel to Beneath the Planet of the Apes and it works brilliantly. A bit cliche in spots, but still executed with great care and feeling.


I read Justice League 1 and I’ve got mixed feelings about it.

I’ll be honest I had to read it twice, I had real difficulty following it. Almost every word balloon had a concept that I found difficult to digest and had to think about, which is not good for the flow of the story.

I stopped reading with about 4 pages to go because I felt I’d totally lost grip of the story.

Second time round I read it even more slowly. Which can be a bit of a chore with Snyder because he is a wordy motherfucker and often there is no need for it.

I started to grasp better what was going on and it worked a lot better for me once I started to appreciate the magnitude of it and the ties to a lot of the stuff I like about DC’s rich history.

Whilst I did enjoy it quite a lot it was a lot of effort for me to get that enjoyment out of it.
I think if this was one of the only comics I was buying, and if I was a kid, I could read this over and over and it would be amazing value for money.
It’s kind of got that Crisis on Infinite Earths level of scale to it.

But I’m a week away from 40, have a 2 & 3 year old, and a shit load of comics and tv to watch - so my situation is different.

I do feel like this would have read better if it was written by Johns or Morrison, but it is pretty fcking epic and I’ll just need to make sure I set aside a decent chunk of time for each issue.

There’s a lot going on and there’s a lot of big ideas there, some of which are a bit too abstract for my mind, so kudos to Snyder because he’s put a lot of effort into this.

The art is outstanding.

I would recommend that everyone tries this - because the effort alone is really commendable - in fact it’s streets ahead of the Avengers relaunch - it absolutely blows it out the water; you’ll be thinking about this a lot while reading it and possibly long after. I can’t remember a single thing about the first issue of The Avengers and I say that as a big fan of Jason Aaron’s work.


Happy Birthday for next week Chris. :slight_smile:


Haha, cheers

I added another paragraph to the end of that post btw - I think you might get something out of that first issue dave as I know you quite enjoy some of the big concept stuff and Morrison’s more complex work


Ah thanks. I wasn’t too enamoured by the preview stuff that was in that DCU#0 issue (or whatever it was called) but I’ll maybe try this once it’s in a Comixology sale.


Neither was I and skipped that mini series but the main one is pretty intriguing so far. It’s quite epic but not as ‘looney tunes’ as the Metal stuff was.


Yeah, I’d probsbly recommend bypassing No Justice altogether.