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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Have to agree with Dave, The Fix caught my eye and made me wonder what the book was about.


The Fix is really good fun, it’s Spencer at the top of his game, very funny.

There’s a bunch of good covers there this week -

I really like that flash cover, really good concept, well rendered.

The Adamantium Agenda is really attention grabbing and goes for the jugular, just like the character.

Also like the jungle scene on the cover of xmen blue

And the Plastic Man cover is just great. The sort of cover that would sell a comic to me.


MIster Miracle continues to be…so completely terrible. Holy crap, why is this so bad? Did Tom King forget how to write with any sort of sense? There’s one scene that’s pretty effective but the rest belongs in a bin.

Kick-Ass #5: Excellent. I’m going to miss Millar and JRjr on this series. They’ve been putting out stellar work and for their penultimate issue all the stops have been pulled out. It’s got that insane tension, humor, and all around excitement rushing into the end. Can’t wait.

Mage: The Hero Denied #9: Neat stuff, the back half of this series is coming along nicely.

Red Hood & The Outlaws: I have to say, this entire rebirth run from Lobdell might end up being the series that ends up being considered his prime work in future years.


Looks like a stellar week for me.

Man of Steel #3
Mister Miracle #9
Bloodstrike #0
Kick-Ass #5
Magic Order #1


I’m behind on the Fix but I agree with the praise. It’s pretty fun; a light crime caper with decent humor.

Thor is the cover of the week for me. That’s a great image. Love the Hawkman cover too.


Anyone pick up Hawkman #1?


Mister Miracle continues to be awesome.

Man of Steel contunues to exceed expectations, though it would have been nice to have one consistent artist throughout the series.


I’m planning on it. It’s freaking Hitch on Hawkman.


I plan to.


Not only is Hitchy on Hawk, he’s done some of his own inks! (I like that.)

Hawkman #1
Kick-Ass #5
Magic Order #1

Which, for me, is a huge week! Last night I read about half the Demon Bear trade. It reminded me how Bob McLeod could totally tell a story, and what a shock it was when Bill took over. The writing is also really good, combining the Shi’ar, Starjammers, Legion and non-maudlin character development. Some necessary exposition, but, dang, this is why I read comics.


Just read Magic Order 1 and Thor 1.

Art -MO1 was just gorgeous. Coipel was astounding. Thor 1 Del mundo has a different style than Dauterman. He is not as clean but he fits the story because he has a good fantasy sensability.

story- MO 1 Millar did a fantastic job with the worldbuilding. I also look forward to seeing more from the villain who has some serious style. As I said in the MO thread, the main family reminds a bit of the Jupiter’s Legacy family. Thor 1 the story was good.the best scenes were involving Roz Solomon and Jane Foster.
the dialogue between Thor and Jane was great.

Jane: i like your new Hammer, can I touch it
Thor: Are you cancer-free and no one told me
Jane: i’m making good progress
Thor : Let us keep it that way
Jane: so that’s a …
Thor: NO You may not touch my Hammer.
Thor: …
Thor: You just wanted me to say that, didn’t you


I’ve picked it up - will try stick up some comments about it


Thanks. There’s just so much good stuff coming out now that I’ve become a bit more choosy.


Pretty nice week for Image #1 issues by the looks of things. Magic Order of course, and also a new Farel Dalrymple title which is always a big treat, and the Weather Man looks fairly interesting as well.

I’m strictly a trade reader with Image but I’ll be looking for these trades down the line.

Looking at the list as a whole it’s a great week period, loaded with great new and recently debuted titles. I get why they do it but the publishers realize they don’t have to load everything in the summer right?


However the only one I bought a physical copy of was Spongebob, for my kid. Spongebob wins the cover of the week every time it’s published, if I’m being honest.



That is awesome


Just to echo Roberts comments above, my digital pull list this week is crazy…

A Walk Through Hell # 2

Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs Riddler

Bloodstrike # 0

By Night # 1

Detective Comics # 982

Hal Jordan Green Lantern Corps # 46

Hawkman # 1

Immortal Men # 3

Infinity Countdown Darkhawk # 2

Kick Ass # 5

Man of Steel # 3

Mister Miracle # 9

Plastic Man # 1

Proxima Centuri # 1

Stellar # 1

The Magic Order # 1

The Weatherman # 1

Michael Cray # 8

Titans Special # 1

World of Tanks # 2

This is getting refuckingdiculous, doesn’t even include the stuff I’m picking up in trade.


I agree. They better let Mike S Miller to draw, Francis hasn’t gotten a clue what he is doing.


A Walk Through Hell is one of the better things Ennis has done in a while. Very disturbing stuff.


Just a heads-up for anyone who’s thinking of buying Bombshells United #19 because Dawnstar is on the cover: it’s a bit of a bait-and-switch, as she only appears in a single panel inside.

Still, that’s better than last issue when she was on the cover but not a single interior panel.