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More the entire mess that they did with the character post-Schism and then AvX, but what was weirder at the time was this harsh, very unforgiving attitude to the character.

Show me a Marvel hero character who, at some point, has massively screwed up or gone off the rails only to later not be forgiven by the rest of the characters.


I was kidding. Ive never liked Cyke myself but I understand some people do AND i agree post SCHISM, he became a totally different character.


It’s really weird what they did with Cyclops the last decade or so.

Pre- Morrison Cyclops was my absolute favourite Marvel character, for pretty obvious wish fulfilment reasons.

I wasn’t overly enamoured with what Grant did to the character, but I did enjoy him getting his moment in the spotlight in the Messiah Complex/ Fraction/ early Gillen era.

Then, suddenly, he became the Tony Stark of the Mutant universe. The unsympathetic side of the X-Men Civil War. And there was no coming back from that.

Tony needed to literally be rebooted, and have Robert Downey Junior come along to save him. Cyclops wasn’t so lucky.

That being said, having “O5” Cyclops kicking around these days as a result almost (almost) makes it all worth it.


Saga was ok this week but nothing to write home about. This arc has been a bit of a misfire for me, and this issue didn’t do much to turn it around.


Thanks, Dave. I may hold off for a bit and wait for a sale to binge a bit of it. Now that DC is so strong, I’m far from struggling for consistent monthlies to read like I was when I first started reading Saga.


But it’s fresh off the Eisner win! That should be criminal.


There is a solution… Trades.


Nothing from the racks this week.

In other news, I got a “Like” from John Fogerty.

So my life is now complete.


Action Comics #984 - If I didn’t have Superman to compare this book to, I would probably be raving about it. The stories are solid and action packed. It just doesn’t seem to have the same punch as its sister book. I am curious if Lor-Zod is the Chris Kent version of the character that spent time as Lois and Clark’s adopted son pre-New 52.

Doom Patrol #7 - This was a weird aside issue that set up a new status quo and undid that status quo by the end of the issue. I tend to like Mike Allred’s art but the books where it features aren’t always to my taste. I am looking forward to the next arc on this book though.


I picked my weekly favs: Superman, Action Comics and Flash…and Super Sons…


Mostly Geoff Johns, Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Dan Jurgens and Francis Manapul Superman related stuffs

And Tom King Batman colors my day the way they write in Rebirth


Detective Comics #959, 960, & 961 - “Intelligence” parts 2-4. After an awesome opening instalment (#958), this arc continues to rock. Lots of Bruce/ Zatanna. Lots of Azrael, and the Order of St Dumas. Batwing continues to grow on me. And the book edges ever nearer to getting Tim back - Yay!

Probably some of Tynion’s strongest writing to date. And the artistic team of Martinez/ Fernandez continue to amaze. This is some stunning art. Really beautiful. Loving this!


Saga 45

I agree with some other posters about this series being a tad uneven. This wasn’t perhaps a return to form as such, but a lot of things happened, and I am really glad I didn’t drop it mid-arc.

I really loved seeing Sir Robot again. And for a while I thought we were going to lose Petrichor. Glad we didn’t.


Still loving Saga every issue. I appreciate why some may not but I am very happy to read Brian K Vaughan meandering with great characters and fantastic artwork from Fiona Staples. Top of my read pile almost every time.


I do not understand the Dark Metal comics very complicated


That issue was so cool Dan Jurgens in Action is killing it I admit it


All but Wildstorm


Congrats, well deserved


Art is good but I dont understand all that hype although his sister appears and people get no. 1 comics in sales?


Hell yeah…

Tom King writes better than Snyder in my opinion

His characters has depth and sense and keeps me interested in every issue and I cannot wait the next issue