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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I really enjoyed You Are Deadpool from Al Ewing and Salva Espin. A CYOA story with added D&D elements, and also time-travel. Very silly, but it works, and Espin’s art is great, as is Paco Diaz filling in on #4.

That issue also features another great one-off Ewing character, Filson Whisk, The Pin King:

Definitely the mini-series of the year for me so far.


That alone has sold me on it.


I have to say the Walking Dead / Star Wars crossover has me most intrigued.


Justice League #1 - From the brief cameo of Justice Legion Alpha at the beginning of the issue to the reveal of the new Legion of Doom, this was a great first issue. Jim Cheung should have crossed the divide a long time ago. I’m hoping Snyder keeps up with this shotgun of ideas. This could really be an amazing book.

Man of Steel #2 - This book continues to not be what I expected. I thought we’d get yet another rehash on Superman’s origin but instead we keep getting glimpses of just exactly what so drastically changed the Man of Steel’s world. I’m excited for what Bendis has in store.

X-Men Red #5 - Still really enjoying this book. Taylor seems to know how to tell a story that feels firmly like an X-Men tale but also new and different. Jean Grey especially feels original here. I’m really enjoying Asrar’s art too. I just have this fear that the upcoming X-Men crossover previewed in the back of this issue is going to mess with this book.


I am enjoying the rather meta thing going on. The people at the newspaper and his friends want to know what’s going on in his personal life just as the readers want to know the same.


Maybe I need to go back and re-read Justice League but the first read didn’t make me want to pick up the second issue. I enjoyed the art and am a fan of the new Legion of Doom but the writing seems to be an extension of how Snyder wrote Metal: started out weird and crazy and fun and turned into me kinda looking forward to it being over.

Haven’t picked up Man of Steel but I may have to rectify that.


I have to agree with you @Will.
I found the first issue a complete bore. Beautiful, wonderful art, but Snyder’s attempts at both grandiosity, humor, and blockbuster affectations are all falling flat.

Metal, I agree, started out fun, but never coalesced and the ending was just completely uninspired and dull. This seems to follow suit - and I couldn’t even finish No Justice.


Even though I usually complain about superhero books that dark, Black Mirror is still easily my favorite thing Snyder has done. Followed by Wytches.

He can obviously write whatever he wants but I’d say his specialty is horror.


I recently re-read his Swamp Thing.
Has some lulls, but overall excellent.


I agree. I also quite liked The Wake, which is also in that direction.


Severed is a really good horror tale for those who prefer that side of Snyder, which I do.


His Swamp Thing could (or would) have been a classic run if it was not for the Rotworld crossover.

Same applies to Animal Man by Jeff Lemire. Both books had some great moments but the memonetum was destroyed in the middle with that editoriallly mandated crossover which dragged like hell.


I agree but this time DC editorial can be excused. I listened to Word Balloon interviews with both Snyder and Lemire at the time and the whole thing was their idea. I don’t even think it was a bad idea but 4 issues and out would have been great and not dragging on for most of the length of their runs.


Yep, I bought the big OHC of Snyder’s Swamp Thing run, and while the first handful of issues were fantastic, I didn’t like the Rotworld stuff anywhere near as much (and it was quite disjointed as presented in the collection). Losing Paquette to Morrison’s Wonder Woman book didn’t help either.


Frankenstein got the most out of the Rotworld crossover, as it gave him a pretty nice definitive ending.
That his series was cancelled the issue after it was over made that less so haha.


That’s a fair assessment. I just think that a longer run will better explore the ideas that he is putting out rather than a short event book. Metal always felt like there was huge potential but the even larger jumps defeated it.


I’m going for the amusing covers this week, Mister Miracle and Plastic Man.


I don’t know what The Fix is, but out of all those covers it caught my eye.


The Fix is in.


It’s Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s book about two dodgy cops. It’s quite good actually.