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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It’s been deemed so popular they are keeping those variants as an ongoing feature.


Good, that stops us having to come up with new jokes about it every time. :slight_smile:


Wait is that Han Solo on the cover of a comic?


No, it’s the Submariner.


…and that is my shopping list for today. :slight_smile:


Three X-Men comics this week? Won’t anyone think of the Inhumans!


I think it’s been categorically proven that the answer there is no.


Oh, the inhumanity!

(Come on, someone had to say it.)



There’s something off about those covers. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is though.


No price stickers.


Here’s my pull for the week.

Justice League #1
Man of Steel #2
X-Men Red #5


So this could just be me but the cover stock on Dr Strange 1 @ $3.99 seems a higher quality than Immotal Hull @ $4.99

Anyone else notice this.

Also confused at what would justify the price difference between the 2 books





Saving my pennies for next week.

Not impressed by any of the covers, really.


I’ll be reading it in Unlimited from here but the first Ewing Hulk issue was great. Dark as hell, but just the way I like my Hulk. Reminded me a bit of Azzarello and Corben’s Banner which is one of my favorite Hulk stories ever.

There is one moment with two consecutive double page spreads that was really awesome.


Lot of good, big books out this week - but the big two for me are the Immortal Hulk # 1 and the final issue of the Snagglepuss series.


Batman - the creative team here continue to impress with their craft, this is a Batman story and he’s on almost every page and only says one word. It’s The Joker that talks and talks and talks his way through the issue. King and Janin on top form.

I’m okay with the take but one thing that may upset some is King’s Joker is pretty sadistic, I don’t think this book is very suitable for a family audience. It can be quite disturbing.

Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!

I totally forgot about that Banner series! That book blew my young mind. So, so dark. Marvel was really experimental, then. I miss that, a bit.