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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Why is Superman wearing pink?


It’s the weekend!


Of course! Silly me.


I’d actually see this recent exchange of posts as being quite beneficial - neither I or Vik had come across that news, even at a very general level, so once we had that info, what happened? Changed our outlook to match.

I wouldn’t want detailed info on whatever personal matter an artist is going through, but it would be in the publisher’s interest to manage the situation. That can be as simple as putting out the word that the artist can no longer complete the run, that it was something unexpected, new plans are being made and be supportive of the person.

Sure the Arsehole Brigade will still be at work, but I’d like to think the great majority of people would respond positively once they knew


This post is overrated. :wink:




Bad timing for that comment Bobby, come on man


It seems as if the whole Age of Heroes concept was conceived mostly to seed new characters, test them out, with the hard sell on the artists, just to prove they could do it. Since Rebirth began DC has been pretty conservative, other than Young Animal. I’m not sure the company ever expects these things to land big. Clearly the one with the most enthusiasm, Terrifics, also has the most moving parts, and actually uses something from Metal (Plastic Man) fans will easily be able to identify as such.


Yeah and I’d add that I probably like Doc Shaner, who has taken over the art on Terrifics, more than Reis. It’s just the sales pitch from DC was annoying when the emphasis was on the artists that disappeared before they could even get sales numbers in.


Kill Or Be Killed #19

I was ever so slightly worried that this series was slowing down as it headed towards its conclusion, but this penultimate issue is surprisingly tense and action-packed, bringing dangling plot threads together quicker than expected, and leaving the book in an interesting place for its finale. For a series that always has good cliffhangers, this issue’s final page still stands out. I already feel like I’m going to miss this book - Brubaker feels like he’s having such fun with it, and its maybe Phillips’ best art ever.

Saga #52

You know when you read an issue, and then five minutes later you can barely remember anything about it? I feel like that about this issue of Saga. I enjoyed it while I was reading it, but at the same time nothing particularly stands out. The usual mix of cute character stuff, peril and a twisty cliffhanger that could be interesting.


Not sure about the other switches but Shaner was planned fairly early on. He was posting art on his Instagram from the time of the first announcements of these books.


Phillips just seems to keep doing this over the years.

I remember being totally gobsmacked reading Swimming in Blood thinking it was one of the most stunning strips I’d ever read and I’ve had that numerous times since with Phillips.

He’s such an amazing storyteller as well.

He’s set himself a bar and never seems to slip below it and Kill or Be Killed possibly raises it again.

Brubaker and Phillips deserve to be in the upper echelons of writer and art pairings along with the likes of Lee and Kirby.

Ok there’s not the same level of longstanding character creation, however their work is timeless and consistantly brilliant.


Yeah, there aren’t many other creative teams that I have a whole shelf dedicated to.

I can’t wait to see how their new OGN turns out.



How amazing is that cover - the colour palate is lovely.

And again another style employed by Phillips


I think that Brubaker, Philips and Breitweiser (her impact as colorist shouldn’t be sidelined I think), are a fantastic example of a team honing their craft by working together over a long period. They seem to just compliment each other so perfectly.


From this week’s offerings I think I like Batman vs new villain ‘Chess Set’ the most this week. I have a feeling that Captain America one is quite clever but I can’t really see it clearly.


The Koshchei and Paper Girls ones are nice and bold and simple. And J591A continues to stand out from a distance.


I quite like the Walking Dead cover out of that lot.


Wait, are those price stickers on the comics?!


No, it’s part of the cross-company ‘stickers variant’ promotion this week.