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What the unholy hell? That’s awful.

Come on Vik, there’s no way stuff like that can be planned for.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to call Vik out. I had wondered why Manapul hadn’t done all 4 issues either. The dedication at the end of the last issue just made me think it might be connected.

It is good to remember that there are always things that can’t be planned for and sometimes they’re none of our business. The search for her killer just happened to be very public.


Well, normally I’d agree on scheduling and contingency plans and all that - but what you posted was news to me.

EDIT: And might well be news to Vik too!


I’m not an asshole, guys. I didn’t know either. Horrible news!


Great, thought’d be the case.


Y’see, if there was such a thing as a decent comics news site, and not some click-craving superficial site, we fan types might actually hear about stuff like this; have a lot of love and respect for a creator having a hard time, and not merely getting rightfully grumpy about sudden change of creator mid-arc. Those sudden changes have plagued the industry, and here is an incidence of both points being correct.

I blame ain’t it cool. 'cause why not?


Ok a bit of DC chat.

Man Of Steel #1 - I liked this a lot better than both the preview pieces. There was a nice mix of the epic and the small stuff with the fire rescue. I also liked that they seem to be going straight in to answering some of what happened with Lois and Jon instead of dragging it out as a mystery for ages. I won’t say I loved it but it was good solid stuff and I’ll stick with it.

Some annoyance with DC planning though, they launched a new line based specifically on the appeal of the artist. One includes Ivan Reis on The Terrifics, he’s gone after 2 issues and is drawing this. Shambles.

This leads me in to Doomsday Clock #5. The story is now turning a lot more to the DC universe characters. As usual the craft is excellent, Frank is doing career best stuff and I have never seen Johns put so much detail into any of his other work. I still think it’s a shame that they can only do that when mimicking Moore and Gibbons but it’s a bit less so this issue. Now to link to Man of Steel (spoilers beyond) - in this world Clark is with Lois and Jon as the pre-MoS status quo. Of course that could all be set back in time for when this series ends but I kind of hope that none of this becomes the standard DC universe, the ‘everyone hates the metahumans’ stuff works in this series to a degree because Watchmen is very dark and the whole counting down to the apocalypse stuff but it’s the X-Men, it’s not DC. It may be best if it works on its own and Dr Manhattan waves his little blue wand at the end to set up something else.


General Doomsday Clock question: is Doc Manhattan wandering about with his wee blue todger hang out or has he put some pants on?


On the other hand, maybe it’s none of our business and we should just be mindful that there are all sorts of personal reasons why comics might be late or have creative-team changes.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t complain about these things at all, just that sometimes life gets in the way and there may be good reasons for this kind of thing.


He hasn’t turned up yet. I shall provide the todger update for you Bruce as it arrives. (I suspect he’ll have the pants on or they do it like Austin Powers and have various objects obscuring the view).




To be fair, I didn’t give Manapul a hard time. People have problems. I get that. And, it is shocking what happened.

But, DC should do a better job at planning for these things. They have two of their highest profile mini series going on at present, and both are having art problems? That just looks like incompetent project management. On the back of their “artist driven” line tanking too!


No, and just to be clear Vik I wasn’t having a go at you over it, I totally understand the complaint and I’ve moaned about this stuff in the past just like everyone.

I’m just saying that even the best laid plans can get disrupted by this kind of thing, and we won’t always know the details. In a creative endeavour, when someone is directly irreplaceable like an artist then inevitably the project can’t be completed seamlessly, unlike many other fields where someone else could take on a workload with no difference.


And I get where Vikram is annoyed, as we’ve had hundreds of examples of discontinuity - late issues, change of creative anybody, attacks on skyscrapers (yeah, a few comments about DKSA being “late”), creators having abrupt troubles - and I hear Vik saying mildly that Manapul did not get to finish. No condemnation!

My point is where would we find out about such things? I’ve seen the life and death of dozens of news sites (including my own) and I think one element keeping creators in check is minimizing communication. Keep your creators basically faceless, you can play them like pawns on a chessboard. When they get an identity, they get a following, and that’s power, and they may want more money or a consistent assignment! No more being used as objects! And that, my friends, is Corporate America.


I get it Miqque and a lot of it is just down to shitty communication or planning. With normal delays there’s so much they could do better. I want to know why Ivan Reis was hyped on an artist-centric line and then left after 2 issues to do a Man of Steel issue.

In a case like this though, if you have lost a loved one, do you really want to give an interview to the press and see news articles?

You know Mark had similar difficulties with Wilfredo Torres during Jupiter’s Circle, he was not heading off to CBR first thing to issue a press release, as we all would he let him take his time because there are many more things in life more important than publishing schedules.


I don’t think the artist-centric line got the heat DC expected. I would assume they figured this out by order quantities of the first issues. If you’ll notice, the star artists for most of them have been quietly moved to other higher profile projects.


Maybe not but 2 issues is too quick, they pre-order 3 in advance. Jim Lee didn’t even make the second issue of his. If they’d all left with issue 4 I’d be buying that more. DC messed it all up.


That’s fair. I also think DC’s plans changed majorly. Bendis coming on board likely sent waves through other plans.


I felt awful for Wilfredo and same for Francis. I also recall a baseball player just a year or two ago had a similar tragedy, family member killed in Venezuela or some such (3/4 of 1st cup of coffee - memory will come online shortly) and while it was not “a big deal”, MLB issued a short statement of fact why the player was suddenly not playing. Comics are an industry as well, and with the movie and TV connections one of what was once a minor change (almost unnoticed) now has repercussions.

I see a hole in the industry, mainly. No central clearinghouse of information.

On a personal note, I was in a rather key position long ago when I came down with cancer. It happened fast. I woke up with my left nut the size of a softball. Went to work, consulted with a friend (an MD who had been on DeBakey’s heart team, actually) and was in the ER, treated, taken off duty and this basically threw the staff into a tizzy and the unit very close to a riot. Instead of coping with a rather nasty diagnosis I had to go back into work and calm down a couple hundred people. Oh, well. That was my responsibility for the role I took. In 17 years at one hospital, we had three deaths on our unit, two natural. One - one - suicide. On my night off. So, what happens? Shift is over at 7:45 am. By 8 am the whole damned shift had arrived, traumatized, and I got to be therapist basically all day. When something terrible and unexpected happens to you, the natural response is to curl up and protect self. We do not always have that option. I have learned through much pain that the times we want to possum up are the most critical for reaching out. Right now that line of communication in the industry is small, and depends on people’s opinions of what should be passed along and what should not, and how.


I just read No Justice. Manapul is overrated. Look at this awful Superman face.