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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


No photo this week as it was a public holiday in the UK so new comics come on Thursday.

So I nominate the cover below of the Invisible Woman in the snow.


Here’s The Big Bang’s photos:


I follow them and did think about using those but they take those pics too far back from the shelves and mix old comics with new. Should have a word with Bruno about providing better visuals for the New Comics Thread. :smile:


Weird policy of not putting price tags on the covers, too,


They are photoshopped out.


Just Saga and Kill Or Be Killed this week for me. Interested to hear how Bendis gets on with Superman though.


Man of Steel was excellent! Fantastic art, great story, dialogue was on point. Bendis seems refreshed. I was really happy with this.

Doomsday Clock continues to spin its wheels and remains mediocre. Art is wonderful, but it commits the cardinal sin of being boring.


Oh, I see the first volume of Swing (the spinoff from Sunstone) is out this week too. I’ve been interested in seeing how that turns out.


Looks like Justice League: No Justice #4, Man of Steel #1 and Marvel 2-in-1 #6 for me today. Really looking forward to Man of Steel.


Like the cover for Doomsday Clock this week; one of two I found to be eye-catching. Other was a title called Nowhere - which I would have picked up for $1.99 except the lettering was too hard to read. (High time to get eyes fixed again.)

Waiting on y’all’s MoS reviews.


Sadly, the covers for Doomsday Clock are usually the most interesting things about the book.


Just a-peepin’ at the covers, Byrne’in’ my day away…


Anyone read X-Men Red Annual #1?


After an enjoyable prologue and a rather dull interlude, The Man of Steel #1 was a great first issue in the Bendis era. It’s a classic take on the character, yet with Bendis’ more modern stylistic touches. It works well. I enjoyed the look into Rogor Zaal’s past, and the introduction of Melody Moore. I didn’t like the vaguery of what’s going on with Lois (it’s a conceit that Bendis has used too many times, and is just frustrating now). I’m happy to say I liked Reis’ artwork a lot more than I was expecting to, albeit it’s ridiculous that he couldn’t do the whole issue. Look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Doomsday Clock #5 picks up a lit of forward momentum after last issue’s tedious and unnecessary diversion. There are lots of DCU beats in this issue - Bats, Supes, LoSH, GL, JSA - and there’s a doozy of a cliffhanger.

I may have come in with lowered expectations, but New Challengers #1 was really very good. Kubert and Janson’s art was superb, evoking Joe Kubert’s style in many places. Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie’s story was a classic bringing the team together issue, with a couple of fun twists along the way. I was going to skip this book (especially with the art team deserting it with #4), but I’m glad I gave it a try and am definitely on board for the rest of the mini.

The Superman Special was a nice, if throwaway epilogue to the Tomasi/ Gleason era, with a throwback tale to one of their early stories. Funnily enough I didn’t really like the original, because of the rather downbeat ending. Clark and Jon clearly felt the same way, as this story provides closure in fine style. Godlewski isn’t a great artist, but does a fine job here. There were some cute touches in the story too - the Batman bit, and that ending :wink:. The backups were alright, but I could have happily lived without them and saved myself a couple of bucks.


Justice League: No Justice #4 - This issue was a quick but decent end to the weekly series. The entire exercise seemed to be geared to reformulate the primary Justice League team while forming ancillary groups. The page layouts were quite interesting. There were a lot of double page spreads which tend to not work well in digital. However, it seemed that digital viewing had been planned for and it read almost like a digital original in the landscape format. I have high hopes for Snyder’s Justice League coming out of this.

Man of Steel #1 - This issue was a good launch into Bendis’s tenure on Superman. There were a few characters and concepts introduced but not greatly expounded upon yet plus a white flash cliffhanger ending. I feared that per Bendis’s style there would be a lot of double page spreads that would be difficult to read digitally. However like Justice League: No Justice, it seemed to have been planned for and worked very well. I’m certainly excited about this new era of Superman.

Marvel 2-in-1 #6 - I enjoyed the wrap up to this arc. It was a fun alternative earth story. My one disappointment with this book is that I expected it to directly transition into a new Fantastic Four book. Solicitations show that’s not the case and that this will be more of a companion book going forward. So this one is likely on the cutting block for me.


Justice League: No Justice #2, 3, & 4 were fun, breezy comics, but ultimately pretty forgettable. Some fairly significant stuff happened here, and it’s a a great set up for the future of the DCU (both cosmic and Terran). But, as a stand-alone story it feels a lot like those crossover epics that DC used to do back in the 1990’s (like Final Night or Genesis). I’m still really looking forward to next week’s Justice League #1, and Justice League Dark in July, but I wish I had skipped this, in all honesty.

Artwork wise, Francis Manapul was supposed to draw all four issues. He didn’t. And that hurt this book too. I wish DC would get their act together on this sort of thing.


I enjoyed some of but my excitement waned in the same way it did for Metal in the end.

The whole thing just didn’t really hang together for me at all - same with the nth metal or whatever it was, the whole trees and energies being mystery and entropy etc just seemed grounded in pish for want of another way of putting it.

There’s some moments that I enjoyed but the overall idea felt weak.

I’d like Snyder to go back to doing the more horror tinged stories. I’ve not really ‘felt it’ for his work since the first half of his Batman run.

I start off really excited but by the end im wondering what the fuck I’ve just read.


Yeah. I totally get where you’re coming from. Snyder’s a great writer, but this huge sprawling cosmic straight up superhero stuff doesn’t suit him. I found Metal a little tedious by the end too. I’m hoping for great things from his JL, particularly with that art team, but I fear he’s going to be out of his depth again in the long run.

Still really wish he’d get back to American Vampire.


Yes. Hell yes.


Not sure where this fell timing-wise but issue #3 might have happened around the time his sister-in-law was murdered. Issue #4 was dedicated to her.