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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


There’s little I can say without sounding repetitive, but Kick Ass #4, Hit Girl #4, Moonshine #10, and Gideon Falls #3 were all mighty impressive continuations of each series. Top quality art and writing all round.


So in summary: Hit-Girl Kick(ed) Ass (at) Gideon Falls, (while drinking) Moonshine?


This reminds me of all the times I failed to complete The Times crossword.


I feel like moonshine really began to find its feet a bit more the last few issues.


Bit of a delay but here goes.

Justice League: No Justice #3 - This crossover is just as crazy as Dark Nights: Metal. I hope it sticks the landing a bit better than that series and doesn’t merely role into the next thing. I’m enjoying it but the Marvel event model quick working for a reason.

Super Sons #16 - What a great send off for this series. I was considering dropping this one after it had made its run but now I’m intrigued by Adventures of the Super Sons.

Hit-Girl #4 - The early parts of this story felt a bit dark to me and I was afraid it was going to go even darker with some of the cliffhangers. However, it wrapped up with a lot of heart. Always bet on Millar!


Isola #2 - Answers a few of the questions brought about in the first issue while adding a whole heap more. It is a high paced issue which does a good job of progressing the story while filling out the world a bit more.

WicDiv #36 - This issue was a rare miss for me. The first half seemed unnecessary and the second half, following the huge reveal about a major character, just didn’t seem to give enough weight to such a massive story development. I’m sure Gillen et al will make it work in the long run but for me it was too quickly passed over.

Oblivion Song #3 - A good issue overall, it manages to move the story along nicely while at the same time casting some doubts on the main protagonists actions both for himself and for the reader. The last few pages do a really good job of hooking the reader in for the next issue and leaving you with a nagging desire to learn more.


Anyone else read Shield #5 this week? Really ambitious stuff that I would have loved fears ago. As it stands, it was awesome, but I got a little lost, even after drunkenly reading 1-4. Looking forward to the conclusion, and reading all 12 issues in one go.


With the SUPER delay I think I’ll have to go back and read them all on MU when they turn up. You get old, the memory sometimes struggles with last month’s issues. :smile:


There was a ‘last month’?


I was in the same boat, but Comixology had a sale on a “?trade” collecting 1-4 earlier this month.

I think this issue demands reading the prior series as well. It was really ambitious, and felt like it tied back to a lot of stuff I’ve forgotten, since this started (ended?) before my first kid was born.


I came this close to buying the collected 1-4 and fully expected to pick up the rest of the series. But when I got to the LCS I realized I just didn’t care any more. It’s possible I’ll go back and pick up the collected 1-4 and subsequent issues but it’ll have to have spectacular reviews for me to do so.


I thought this was only 2 more issues - is it another 8 on top of the original 4?

When it originally came out I thought it was brilliant. A truly epic, ambitious and wonderfully illustrated series.

But I’d need to re-read the previous issues before I read on…if it’s another 6 after these two then I think I’ll wait a few more years.

I’ve ordered 5 and 6 in floppy as it’s about as evergreen a book as you can get, so I want to ‘own’ the rest of them.


It’s 2 6 issue mini-series (and a one-shot placed between them). Just one issue of the second mini-series to go.


Christ - I don’t feel I read 10 issues previously

I’ll need to dig it back out and see what I’ve got. I do remember there being a special


Well, if you count ‘last month’ as 6-7 years back!


I’m definitely in this camp too. Too long has passed.


As much as I’m indifferent to this, I do hope Chris and Jake (and anyone else) enjoy it.


I hope there’s a 12 (or whatever) issue OHC. Eventually.


All of this is why I asked. This board loved this book when it was coming out regularly. The whole long delay is weird.

But I will reiterate #5 is ambitious. If you dig Hickman, keep reading. I just feel like rereading the second series wasn’t enough.


I really enjoyed Man of Steel #1.

Bendis has a nice feel for Superman’s voice and powers, as well as the right pacing and beats for a Superman story, and the Rogol Zaar set-up is epic in a Jack Kirby or God Butcher (from Aaron’s Thor) kind of way.