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My stack this week

Spoilers ahoy!!

If you haven’t read the first 4 issues don’t bother here.
Brilliantly parallel timeline story telling and visual feast from Dustin Weaver and of course no idea what is going on thanks to Hickman

Champions 20
I like Jim Zub. Think i’ll Stick around for his first arc.

No Justice 3
Only one week left and I’m thankful.

Invincible IronMan 600
Tidied stuff up eliminates and need for Civil War 2 to be in my library but saving grace it sets up new Shield with Cable. (I like Cable. A LOT)

Black Panther 1
Got a real captain America dimension Z vibe here. Coate’s writing has come a long way and certainly not as stilted as his first black panther issue. I think I’m on board for this. Acura does some pretty good art as well.


I posted this in the “Good News” thread, but it’s just too far fun and amazing to miss. Slobber away, fellow and femme fans, this is the Library of Alexandria in Heaven.

This was mid-December. Kevin makes one prophetic comment. There are certain “sayings” that work. Be careful of what you say or ask! You may get it!


Wow! Fair play that is massive. I though Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham was big but it’s barely a kiosk compared to that.


I thought that Mile High location was just a warehouse, I didn’t realise it was a store too.


It’s a landmark! This one store and its owner have made a huge impact on Denver’s homeless in a positive manner.

The mind-boggling part is adding a second floor to double the space.
To. Double. The. Space.


I’ve been in that store plenty of times. there is also a warehouse. Some of my best friends used to work there. Interesting seeing the owner. When my friends used to work there, they called him Cheapie Chuckie . :rofl:


Is Chuck Rozanski still running the show? He used to write a column for The Comics Buyers’ Guide wherein he often felt the need to defend the fact that he charges high prices for back issues. Reading those columns was simultaneously funny and uncomfortable.


Voting for cover of week.


Put the parts of your post that are spoilers in spoiler text. Saying “Spoilers ahoy!!” at the beginning of your post isn’t enough, you lazy asshole. :wink:


Yes. I’m still on MileHigh’s mailing list and he still seems to be in charge. I haven’t bought anything from them in a long time now though, due to the astronomical prices you mention.


Prices, rents, everything in Denver has become astronomical. There are daily news stories. Today? A parking spot is now selling, across from the Convention Center, for $74,000. Seventy-four thousand dollars. Does not include valet tip.


To be fair I didn’t really spoil anything :wink:

I will however embrace the term “lazy arsehole”


Beware. I think there’s an Urban Medical Dictionary definition for that!


Chuck is the old timer in the scene with Kevin Smith. and Miqque, that was December 2016. :rofl:

back to new books. I just finished 'Tec 981 and Tynion does a great job wrapping up his time writing this book. half of it seem to be what happens to each and every member of the team( i love that clayface got his chance for a new future) after it is disbanded. the conflict ends when Stephanie hacks Armstrong’s database & shows Tim what actually happens in that future timeline so Tim can regain control of Brother EYE


I must have turned left at 2015.


Detective Comics #981 … so …

James Tynion’s run on the book wrapped up this issue. In a surprisingly quiet way. There’s no big, bombastic action scene. It’s a climax built solely around the individual characters, and what they mean to each other. For some it’s going to be a little disappointing; certainly if you’re reading this in trade with no prior connection to the rest of the run. To me? To me … I still need time to process it … it’s full of moments that brought tears to my eyes, and others that made my heart soar … but, at the end of the day, it’s the final issue of a comic book run that meant the fucking world to me … and that sucks.

It was the book that reminded me why I love superhero comics. Reminded me why I love DC. It redeemed my absolute favourite character in the world. It was full of edge of the seat excitement, and amazing character moments. It may have been the very definition of weaponised nostalgia, but it was the book written for me. By a creative team who clearly felt exactly the way I do. I wish it could have gone on forever. And, I’m not ready to let it go.

This is turning into a eulogy. I didn’t mean it to. Let’s wrap it up before you get too bored (too late?).

Great book. For anyone who loved this run you won’t be disappointed in how it concludes.

And, here are a few words from James Tynion himself to end on:


I loved his relationships. Tim & Stephanie, Tim & Kate, Batwing & Azrael and Cass & Clayface. They were all written well and ended properly


I plan to read this today. Sounds like I’m going to have a lump in my throat while doing so.


Didn’t Iron Man #600 come out?