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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


So Crossed is finally back.
But unfortunately, Gage is just rehashing his previous “Smokey” arcs but in another setting.

It was a fine meta-arc, not among my favorites of the series, but alright - yet it’s a bit of a waste to bring back this series, in this setting, for something we seen several arcs of already.


So, I read A Walk Through Hell tonight in my bed. On the iPad, with it being the only light in a pitch black room and me being the only person in the room as my wife is in the other room with one of the kids who got up earlier and won’t go back to sleep.

I’m now creeped out to fuck, and I’m not quite sure why, I’m trying to figure out what Ennis has done here - it’s almost a sleight of hand - he’s turned up tension gradually in a non horror way although one of the scenes is certainly horrific, in a much different way as is one of the subjects being discussed in the issue, which is gun control.

even in spoiler tags I’m not going to say too much, but there’s a shooting on a mall, then a conversation on Twitter in a tone that we are all very familiar with - both left and right point scoring against each other and all missing the point.
By the end the comic becomes something far different and extremely unsettling

I think Ennis handles horror very well; Crossed, Stitched and Caliban were all extremely good example of effective horror in comic book form.
Slight complaint about the art.
Goran Sudzuko is a terrific artist. I’ve read loads of really good books with his art in the last 10-15 years. Some of this is well done but I’m not sure he’s the right pick for a horror book. Time will tell though because regardless this has stuck with me.


We have a new definition of stupidity. :wink:

What the hell were you thinking? It’s an Ennis horror comic, you will respect it… Lest it scare the crap outta you!


Walk Through Hell was the best thing I’ve read from Ennis in AGES. I was BLOWN AWAY by it.


I got this cover of Batman 47 which wold have been the best cover of the week

as far as the story goes, It was a lot like the Kite man story, in which they took a goofy character(Booster Gold) and tell a remarkably sad and grim story about him. The story was well done but in my mind, it did not need to be told and completes the tragedy that BLUE & GOLD has become(Ted being shot by Max and Booster becoming mentally unstable)


Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts! Recognized the art immediately! Yay me!


A Walk Through Hell #1 - I can only echo the comments made above. This was excellent. A masterclass in comic book form, setting up so much mood, tension, and genuinely unnerving horror in just 20 pages. This feels a lot like Ennis’ Providence, and should appeal to anyone who enjoyed that series too.

Captain America #702 - still doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Waid somehow manages to slow the future based story down even further, resulting in a frankly boring chapter where nothing of any consequence happens. Romero’s artwork continues to be worth the price of admission. This issue’s guest artists were Rod Reis and Howard Chaykin.

After a few months away, The Wild Storm made a welcome return this week. Whilst certainly not as horrific as Ennis’ title, #13 was a pretty creepy read too, as Ellis introduces John Lynch, Marc Slayton, and the Gen Actives. There are also some clear callbacks to Planetary, and the book takes another step towards bringing the Authority back together.

I really enjoyed Michael Cray #7 too, as Deathblow crosses paths with a chain smoking magician and Amazonian princess. But, what really impressed me with this issue was how good the art looked. It’s actually by the same creative team as the last six issues, but Dexter Vines has taken on a much bolder line in his inks this month, that has resulted in massively improved visuals. I hope they keep this new look for the remaining issues of the series.

Lots of quality books this week. More to come.


I’m sold.


It’s funny you should say that, the same thing crossed my mind as well when I was reading it


Cinema Purgatorio #14

I feel quite ambivalent about this book these days. I’m glad it exists, but at the same time it feels like it’s spinning its wheels a lot lately.

This issue is a good example. The lead strip by Moore and O’Neill takes a similar tack to many of their earlier stories, outlining the life and times of a Hollywood figure (in this case, Tod Browning). It’s interesting but is told a bit too ‘straight’ for me - almost like reading a Wikipedia entry with beautiful illustrations. Earlier efforts had mixed these life stories with a more interesting angle or clever structure, but this one didn’t grab me in the same way.

Code Pru, usually a standout, is a bit weak this time around too - more of a ‘downtime’ story that moves along a subplot, rather than the usual clever spin on a horror archetype (although there are hints in that direction towards the end here).

Modded is probably the most fun entry this issue. As usual, it’s a mix of fantasy weirdness with videogame tropes and references, and there’s a wonderful lurid sequence here that takes us on a trip through what feels like Mario and Sonic’s nightmares.

As for the other two strips - A More Perfect Union and The Vast - they’re worth reading for Gabriel Andrade’s art, but I don’t feel like I get much out of them story-wise. The former feels like an endless parade of samey battle scenes, and the latter has some cool big-monster action sequences but next to no story progression from issue to issue.

When the book comes out so infrequently (#13 came out in January, and #12 before that in October) it needs to be great every time to keep excitement levels up, and the truth is that despite a generally high level of craft on these stories, I’m not sure it’s as essential a read as it once was, especially at US$6.99 a pop.

I’ll still buy the next issue and hope that this latest one was just a blip, but part of me is wondering whether it’s time to wind this anthology up now.


I think I’m going Moon Knight, that series seems to have some very nicely designed covers.


One thing I have noticed when we pick favourite covers from these photos is that we almost always tend to favour the big, bold images that stand out among the crowd, even at a reduced size.

I agree that the Moon Knight one does that well, and so does the Star Wars one with the stormtrooper helmet - you’d notice them both on the shelf even from halfway across the store.

However, that’s not the only function of a cover, and looking up close I actually really like the Hit-Girl one this month - it’s dynamic, funny and seems to have something to say about the story inside, albeit in a slightly abstract way.


I think the size of the photos helps that a little too, it is a bit difficult sometimes to see what is going on in the busier covers which may look better at full size. Saying that a strong simple image is always one that grabs the eye.


I really like that Detective cover, which is nice and epic and a good way of depicting a team book.

I’m reading this series in trade but very much looking forward to it.


Looks like a few books for me this week.

Justice League: No Justice #3
Super Sons #16
Hit Girl #4

Might give Invincible Iron Man #600 a shot too for Bendis’s farewell issue.


For me it’s

Witchfinder #1
Barrier #4
Hit Girl #4


It sounds like I need to buy A Walk Through Hell from this thread. Although, I have never been a big Ennis fan. Looks like the trade comes out in November. I’ll put it on my watch-for list.


I don’t think it’s as strong as Dastardly and Muttley yet, but it has potential.


Hang on, are those price stickers on those comics?


Don’t be silly, those are the exclusive new variant covers on a price sticker theme.