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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


He ought to write a Lex Luthor story.


I can’t decide on my favourite cover yet, I’ll leave it to someone else to nominate.


The Wildstorm cover gets it, for me.

Followed by the Thor and Cap covers.


The cover for the second Wild Storm trade is very cool as well.


Wait … are those stickers?

P.s. the Superman cover is my fave


That Kick Ass cover gets it for me. Quite nice.


Kick-Ass. There’s something about JRJR’s figure work that always stands out from the crowd.

Thor as runner up.


A big week for me this week.

Justice League: No Justice #2
Superman Special #1
Wild Storm #13
Kick-Ass #4
X-Men Red #4


when I picked up my books at lunch, I flipped thru Avengers #2 and then put it back on the shelf. It seemed all over the place and I hated the scenes with dumb She Hulk.


PIcked up a few things digitally tonight, really looking forward to A Walk Through Hell from Ennis


Interested in how you find that one.


I just finished the first 2 issues of No Justice and the spoiler at the end of #2 might make some people happy.

Vril Dox is back and he is wearing a L.E.G.I.O.N armband


Keep you posted

Jimmy’s Bastards # 8 this week as well

Good week for Ennis fans


Oh? What’s this?

I picked up the second World of Tanks book from him and PJ Holden last week. Good stuff.


Oh, there’s a second? Will have to look out for that.


What a great week for comics.

Justice League: No Justice #2 - This book is a great action packed ride with plenty of twists and turns. Loving the writing and art. I don’t know much about Vril Dox but it’ll be exciting to see where it takes the story. It’s starting to become more obvious where the DC Nation #0 story fits in.

Kick-Ass #4 - @Mark_Millar sure knows how to keep things in suspense. Love the turn in this book and the cliffhangers just keep killing me. @JohnRomita seems to be in his element again too. Patience Lee is such a great character that she has me saying, “Dave who?”

Superman Special #1 - Now that’s a send off for a creative team. They took one of the best stories of this run, Dinosaur Island, and put a nice little bow on it to tie everything up. Such a great, action packed story with a heartfelt ending. There were two fun additional tales too. One with @bryanhitch on art which gives us a reminder of how much the Kents mean to who Superman is and possibly introduces that they died when Clark was still young in this continuity. I also love the fun tale with art by Kaare Andrews starring the Atomic Skull.

Wild Storm #13 - I always feel like there’s a wink and a nudge that I’m missing the significance of in this book. It is interesting that they are starting to reveal more about the Kheran origins of a lot of what’s going on.

X-Men Red #4 - It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an X-Men book this much. The team is perfect with a mission that is classic but new. Due to upcoming events including the return of Logan/Wolverine, I can’t imagine we get to keep them for long. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts though. There was also a nice little cameo by Forge


The Wild Storm was good this week. Moving lots of individual story strands forward while still giving us several meaty scenes in their own right (including a great, well-choreographed action/fight sequence).

We’re really starting to see the payoff from all the groundwork laid in the early issues now.


He did actually get a second Seaguy miniseries out in 2009, three issues, called Slaves of Mickey Eye. It’s never been collected.

At various points a third mini has been mooted, I think Cameron Stewart has even said he’s received a script. There doesn’t seem to be much impetus to get it moving though.

I had always assumed they would wait until the third series was finished and then collect all nine issues in one volume.


I picked up the latest Batman, and it didn’t dissuade me from my plan to drop it after the wedding. The story was structured in an interesting way but I didn’t get the Booster characterization at all—it felt way off. I guess it’s hard for some smart people to write dumb characters.


Yeah, it’s good. Ennis does a good job of blurring the line between “goodies” and “baddies”. It’s an issue of setup but the German and Russian cast are very likeable. Note, German rather than Nazi - that’s a strength of Ennis generally has in these types of stories, fleshing troops out on all sides as human beings rather than caricatures.