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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It was setup. A bit hasty at worst, but with at least some good dialouge and interactions. It dives right in the action, forming a team that comes together because of something happening (Psylocke’s mind is invaded by the Shadow King and she sends out a psychic “come help me” signal to nearby X-people).

I don’t know all these characters all that well, and I’m not at all up to speed on the X-men right now so I’m more or less guessing when I say the interactions are good. But I really like the reveal/cliffhanger at the end (The Shadow King holds Charles Xavier prisoner on the Astral Plane) so I’m on board for at least another issue.

There are some decent seeds for some upcoming character reveals in there too, but I mean… I can’t say whether it’s good or not at this point. But I want to read more, I guess that says something.

Even if the story turns out to be bad, that art will be worth at least an arc. Cheungs best work so far, IMO.

Anyone else care to chip in? :slight_smile:

edited to add: It’s not just Cheung, it’s the colors too. It’s really something. I love it. :slight_smile:


Ah, so that’s they’ll bring Charles back then.


Most likely, yes. I was surprised he was still dead.


Only old, utterly evil, worse than every X-villain ever, Cyclops will stay dead forever.


I’m looking through the issue again now, and I’m really wowed by the art. It wasn’t just morning me that was having a fit, I really really like this work. Sometimes the art and the line work reminds me of Quesada, especially the bits with The Shadow King at the end.


… What?

I really am out of touch with the X-men…


Oh so am I, I’m simply riffing on what they did with Cyclops post-Schism and after AvX it went nuts.

I mean yeah, just throw away everything from House of M to Second Coming in terms of character development because we can’t have the mutants getting too bolshie.


That was a shame. I loved the obsessive control freak Cyclops. I still think that if anyone was going to be overwhelmed by the Phoenix it wouldn’t have been him.


I’ll echo a lot of what Anders said re: Astonishing X-Men #1. It’s a solid, if unspectacular opening. It jumps right into the action in a way that most X-books rarely do. There’s no “getting to know you” here; it’s pretty much straight into the thick of things.

Cheung’s art was stunning. Really great. He certainly “moved the needle” on this one for me. He’s set a pretty high standard for the artists who follow him (Deodato’s on #2; McGuiness on #3; and, Pacheco of #4) - I don’t think they are all going to be able to compete.

I don’t know if I’ll bother with the next issue, to be honest.


No more cheung?


Chunks #3 - @mattgarvey1981 still has the goods. The cast is fun and the jokes are funny. I love how each issue is a self contained story in the lives of everyone’s favorite punk band, the Pineapple Chunks. If you like punk rock, gross out comedies, this is the book for you.

Justice League #25 - I’ve been skipping most of the recent issues on this book as Bryan Hitch was off of writing duties. I get the feeling that this issue is the segue from the last group of stories into the next. For my taste, it was a little over expository. I’ll still be curious to see what the next issue has in store.

Super Sons #6 - I thought I would read the first arc on this book and drop it soon after as it seemed so close to what was already happening in Superman. I’m surprised at how much of a different voice it is finding. Great stuff.

Superman #27 - I can only assume that this issue was meant to come out for the 4th of July but was slightly delayed. I can understand where the lessons about American history and respect for veterans might be a bit much for some but it really highlights some of the diversity in the American story that makes me so proud to be who I am. The whole issue really revolves around Clark and Lois being parents and is just so great.

Trinity #11 - This issue wraps up the current arc and was really just a covert Justice League story. For me, this book lives and dies on Francis Manapul’s involvement. I love how the end of the issue harkens back to the first arc. I hope (and doubt) this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Mongul and Poison Ivy’s “daughter”.

Wild Storm #6 - This book continues to be very Warren Ellis and I’m loving it for it. We learn a bit more about the state of this world and that all is not as it seems. We’re about 1/4 of the way through now and I’m still looking forward to more.


It’s Wednesday again. What good stuff is out this week?

Just Saga #45 for me I think.



I didn’t really enjoy the Doom Patrol trade, but Mike Allred on DP might give me pause to try it again.


I got the fourth and (what I thought would be) final issue of Supergirl: Being Super. Actually I had thought it was only a three-issue series, but #3 ended in a cliffhanger so I assumed it must be four issues.

Nope, #4 also has a cliffhanger ending, so now I haven’t got a clue :smiley:


Welcome to modern comics.

A few years back someone on marketing discovered that if you announce a mini series that readers drop off. So they don’t, or rarely do. Not just the big two, Image almost never tell you the duration of a series. It’s probably only Millar that does but even then it’s rarely on the covers as it used to be, you need to read editorials or online.

The reviewers on the iFanboy podcast read dozens of comics every week and it’s become an ongoing joke how they often have no clue if a particular issue is the last one or not. They’ve reviewed a ‘final issue’ before now and then another one comes out the following month. :smile:


I’m reading modern comics? :scream:


Looks like Action Comics #984 and Doom Patrol #7 for me. I’m strongly considering giving Saga #45 a pass after my experience with the last two issues and the fact that I have more than enough good material to read now.


do you have a problem with Cykeneto beiing dead?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think it gives boring young O5 cyke something to work with


Halfway between Vision and Omega Men. More of the surrealism of Vision