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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Oh yes. I completely forgot.

Well, Morrison is the exception to most rules :slight_smile:


I nearly didn’t pick up the first issue as I couldn’t figure out the title but the art style drew me back. I’m quite looking forward to reading issue 2 when it arrives.


Immortal Men #2 - I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first issue of this series, but am happy to report that I found this issue a lot more enjoyable. I’m still unclear as to, well, the whole point of this book really. But, the closer look at the eponymous team members this issue provides some much needed insight. Jim Lee’s no where to be found this issue, other than the rather bland cover, but Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend’s work is a lot more polished this time too. I might have to re-read the first issue again to see if it works with the better context that the second issue provides.

Justice League: No Justice - I really liked the first issue of this mini. It’s really hard to tell where one writer ends and the next starts, but the team of Snyder, Williamson and Tynion produced one heck of a fun issue here. The premise is a little contrived, clearly designed to justify the random character mix & match that’s upcoming. However, the character interplay is a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing much more.

Detective Comics #980 - the penultimate issue of James Tynion’s run on this book doesn’t ease off the awesomeness. The action continues as Bruce and his remaining allies take on the re-awakened Brother Eye and his OMAC possessed forces. I’m not going to spoil the big surprise of the issue, but seeing those characters again brought a big smile to my face. Just one more issue to go :cry:


Can’t wait to read all 3 of these books, thanks for the positive write ups Vik, always good for the enthusiasm levels.


FCBD 2018 Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy - I actually really enjoyed the Spider-Man story in this. I’m not real familiar with Spencer but Ottley is a great fit here. This story sets up a nice status quo and it seems like there’s potential for some fun stories. I’ll give #1 a shot. The GotG part was more like a summary to try to pull people into the Infinity Countdown story that has already started.

Justice League: No Justice #1 - I really dug this issue and hope the rest of the series can keep up this momentum. I really like (actually) Manapul’s art here. There are some really interesting uses of double page spreads that seem to take digital presentation into account. The Brainiac takedown at the beginning of the issue was kind of fun and leads into main push of the series. I’m unsure how the DC Nation #0 story fits in with this one as it seems to take place after this issue but there are some things that don’t line up. Pumped for the rest of this series.


I read this yesterday too when I realised it was up on Comixology. I enjoyed the Spider-Man bit too, Spencer has some funny dialogue and seems to get the character. Ottley’s bright and breezy artwork suits the tone. I gave up on the GotG stuff, I’ve heard decent things about Duggan’s run but that summary format is boring to read.


So it’s not just me? :slight_smile:

I was scratching my head when I saw Ronnie’s review, wondering why he had a GOTG story in his comic and I didn’t. Then I went back to the comic and checked and realised, oh, he means the advert ! I basically forgot about it as soon as I’d closed the book.


Well it was free so I can’t complain but it held no interest at all. I may catch up one day with Duggan’s run in the way it is meant to be read.

It’s like there are 2 minute summaries of stuff like Game of Thrones seasons on Youtube but essentially just recounting plot is not a proper narrative to me. Useful as a recap maybe but not in any other respect.


You do realise you’re on the Internet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The first two collections of Duggan’s Guardians are on sale on Comixology this week:


So they pay me to read them, yeah?


With Snagglepuss # 5 I can now confidently state that Mark Russell has done it again.

Prez was very good.
Flinstones completely eclipsed it, with a unexpectedly brilliant take and use of those characters and that IP.
Snagglepuss has taken it to another level.

I find it odd that this book has not been pushed with more fanfare from the gay community.
Or maybe it has and I’m not aware of it - but I don’t think that is the case.

Anthropormorphic comics are not a new thing, but rarely is it done so well.
I feel DC, Mark Russell and Mike Feehan have promoted diversity and provoked thought in the best possible way and it’s gone almost completely unnoticed. (The book looks are good as it reads).

I don’t like to say this, because it annoys me when other folk say it, but more people really need to read this book - It’s probably the best thing I have read this year and it is equal parts witty, powerful, heartbreaking and hopeful.

I’ve ordered the collected edition today (I just hope it doesn’t also collect the back up story, which is really, emmmm, shit, for want of a better word).

I don’t know how much more I can recommend it without bugging the fuck out of everyone (ooooh I enjoyed this so everyone else really needs to read it).

But if you do, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


I have to confess that while I loved the Flintstones I didn’t continue with Snagglepuss past the first one as I thought the target was a little niche and not one I was overly familiar with. I listened to iFanboy last week and they held similar reservations initially but said the last two have been stellar so I’m going to pick it back up.

Russell is really great, he’ll be the reason I try a US Judge Dredd comic for the first time.

The result, the writer teased, is something that is as much about today as it is the America of the 22nd century.

He really gets it! That’s what Dredd has always been about.


Great. I’ll be really interested in reading what you think of it.

There’s definitely an uptick as the series goes on, with each issue better than the one before it.

Issue 5 was almost word perfect at times, some of the dialogue and philosophising feels like some of the best I’ve ever read.

It’s not subtle, but it’s not a subtle subject.

I’m really looking forward to reading how it all wraps up.


I love that Mark Russell is connecting with readers. I thought he hit a home run with Prez, but it failed to connect with other readers. And then he hit it out of the park with his next project, and then again with the next. Along with Tom King he’s the brightest new talent to come along in the last few years. Can’t wait to see what he does next.


I’d like to see Russell’s inherent satirical and thoughtful take put on to maybe more mainstream books. Let’s be honest it’s hard for anyone to rock the Diamond charts with a Vertigo mini or a HannaBarbera spinoff. Even Grant Morrison had to hassle DC to publish more Seaguy because nobody bought it even though his Batman books topped the charts.

I think he’s properly talented and underused right now. He made me weep over a vacuum cleaner in The Flintstones!


Honestly, he needs to write L.E.G.I.O.N.


And he failed.


I tried Prez and thought it was too heavy-handed for me. I’d be willing to try something new at some point though.

They should put him on Seaguy.


You’d think that all this praise would make them see how completing the second half of Prez would be a good idea.