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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’m waiting for the collection on White Knight, but really looking forward to it.


That’s only because you didn’t see the Mignola variant for BPRD: The Devil You Know #6, which heralds the return of a certain character who’s literally been in Hell for the last few years:


I read the first 3 issues.

It wasn’t bad just not to my tastes enough to keep reading it.

Rocafort isn’t my cup of tea ether. Just a personal preference thing, I don’t really like his art.

Parallels to a SpiderMan tone are definitely accurate.


I read the first issue and I liked it a lot.

Also recommend Batman Creature of the Night, written by Busiek.

I stopped buying White Night because after the first issue I knew I wanted to have a collected version on the shelf and read it all in one sitting in paper form.


I’m doing the same on that one, for the same reasons. :slight_smile:


Same here. I wasn’t that into it when it was announced but the reviews have me curious.


I agree. Those Avengers appear like they came from straight from the 60s comics. I realized I prefer Aaron who writes adult oriented stuff; I believe it even suits him better than superhero work. Felt he had to restrain himself there.


For me it’s totally creator-driven. I really like Murphy’s stuff. I’ve managed to stay relatively unspoiled on the story so I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to it.


Holy fuck! Shiiiiiiiiii…


There are price stickers on the covers!!!


Ya, I’m waiting for a collection too. I love Murphy but think he reads better as a whole. Sadly, I would prefer a hardcover and the initial release is a softcover. Also, I almost wish it was black and white. His pencils are so great that way.


Ah that’s disappointing, I have it on pre-order and thought it was hardcover. His art deserves the big deluxe HC treatment.


I had saved it on Amazon originally thinking it was a hardcover too.


Thing is, it’s DC, I’m never sure what kind of hardback I’ll get from them.


Or what issues it will contain!


Or if it will have all the right pages from those issues!


It has the right pages, just not necessarily in the right order


And not necessarily the right pages.


Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #37

Featuring: Supergirl and Streaky

By Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco

I didn’t intend to keep buying Scooby Doo Team Up. I only wanted the Legion of Super-Heroes issue, obviously. But Glen at Forbidden Planet put the next issue in my pile, and it was a massive crossover between Scooby, Angel & Ape, Stanley & His Monster, the Inferior Five, and Sugar & Spike (with guest appearances by the Maniaks, and, er, Jerry Lewis…) so I couldn’t say no. And now the next issue is Supergirl and Streaky … I mean, come on, now they’re obviously writing it specifically for me personally.

The thing is, this is just a beautifully written comic. I’d go as far as saying the best thing DC is publishing at the moment, and I mean that completely honestly and unironically. Sholly Fisch shows a deep love for the characters he writes, for the proper versions of the characters, and writes simple, joyful, entertaining stories of the type that I thought DC had pretty much given up on.

The format of the stories is always the same: the Scooby gang, as renowned ghost hunters, are called in by a DC hero to help with some supernatural problem. It always turns out not to be supernatural, of course, and the villain would have got away with it if not for … well, you know. Really, it’s just an excuse to have some fun with the characters—but never mean-spirited fun, Fisch is always respectful to the DC characters, as well as staying true to the Scooby characters. And when I say fun, I genuinely laughed out loud several times reading this comic.
You probably didn’t realise you’ve been waiting your whole life for Scooby to meet Streaky, but when it happens it’s worth the wait:



Notice how Scooby’s speech impediment vanishes when he’s barking? The whole comic is full of clever touches like that, as well as bad jokes like Shaggy’s here:


Anyway, Scooby and Streaky end up in the cellar …

And we all know what that ball of yarn is, right?

Yes, it’s X-Kryptonite.

After more action and bad jokes, the story takes its logical turn:

Finally, the villain is unmasked, and it’s proof that Sholly Fisch loves old comics, because I doubt there’s another person currently at DC who remembers Nasthalthia Luthor:

Really, anyone who loves Silver Age DC characters ought to be reading this comic. It’s just perfect.


She cropped up a few times in All-Star Superman.