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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Or just wait for the upcoming reboot to start… TF continuity gets restarted more often than DC.


Hey, TF comics have only had three iterations over the last 34 years. The IDWverse has lasted longer than either of the prior ones to boot.


I won’t play the Angry Birds TF continuity card :stuck_out_tongue:

And they reduce a bit when folding Hearts of Steel into the main continuity… which is a headache of epic proportions as it was done as part of the whole Hasbro Universe.


I second this. The OHCs tend to collect 2-3 trades at a time, they’re not cheap but they are big books you can get for £26-27 a time online, which works out to a decent per trade / issue cost.


They’ve also been offered as a Humble Bundle in the past, if you don’t mind waiting for the next IDW/Hasbro one to swing around.


Xerxes: The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin #2

Well, this was even better than the first issue.

Frank Miller really shows off his narrative skills here - it’s a fairly simple tale, but the idea of a depleted army having to find extra reserves of energy to repel a new foe is perfect for the kind of big, sweeping storytelling that Miller excels at, and really justifies the ‘widescreen’ horizontal format (each spread is set across two pages of the regular comic, but I hope the collected edition, like 300, will be bound horizontally to present each page with no centre split).

Either way, I’m glad I went with the physical copy for this one, as big moments like this just jump out at you.

There are also some great panels where Miller uses repeated abstract silhouette shapes to create depth and scale, as well as to imply the sheer numbers of participants in his battle.

And I love the big hero moment as our protagonists face down their enemy, an image which has an almost mathematical sense of satisfaction to it.

If you’re buying this book, you’re probably buying it as a fan of Miller’s particular artistic style and knack for telling a story, and he really delivers here - and not just when it comes to the art. The rhythmic text, the peppering of the dialogue with Homeric epithets, the irony and humour; Miller feels totally in control here, and it makes for a great read.

Roll on issue #3!


Great write up Dave. Wholeheartedly agree with all of what you have said there.

I’m reading digitally but I’ll definitely buy this in print for the art.

The story is fine, it’s more that it’s a subject matter I’m not overly interested in as opposed to any issues have with the writing.

But the art is superb. It’s a good reminder of how good Miller is.


I suspect DHC might release this in the same trade format as 300.


Yep, that’s exactly what I’m expecting.

Similar to the Holy Terror format too.


Pretty quiet week on the digital singles side for me today

New world of tanks series starts with Ennis and Holden
No Justice # 1, another Hunt for Wolverine tie in - surprisingly really enjoyed the first 2, looking forward to Detective 980 years most, followed by the next issue of the Darkstars green lantern storyline and Immortal Men # 2


Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. A b&w comic with fairly primitive art from a publisher I have never heard of… and the first few pages didn’t grab me.

But it quickly drew me in. It’s well written, not spoon feeding you with exposition, in fact quite the opposite, using a considerable number of text-free pages, but still telling the story clearly and unambigously. It becomes obvious that there’s more going on than first appears – some kind of spy intrigue, though exactly what is still a mystery – witness protection? Sleeper agents? It left me wanting to learn more, so that’s mission accomplished I guess.

A Brief History of Tank Girl by Parson, Edwards, Johnson-Cadwell & Martin

I vaguely remember Tank Girl from that 80s comic that thought it was cool and subversive (it wasn’t). I seem to recall ugly art, purile and unfunny jokes, and a general sense of “why am I reading this?”

Well, it’s still like that.

And here ends my FCBD reviews :slight_smile:


Youngblood #11: Yeah, I’m dropping this series with this. The first arc was a strong introduction, but this one has been a mess of wasted potential and half-formed, rushed, ideas. What a shame.

Sideways #4: Continues to be one of the strongest new character series DC has going. It’s light, entertaining, and just a fair amount of charming.

Planet of the Apes: Ursus: Binged this series today along with the penultimate issue. It’s awesome, and engagingly bridges the first two movies together and makes a compelling character study of one of my least favorite characters of the original series.


Looks like just Justice League: No Justice #1 for me today.


I had meant to ask if anyone was reading this. Some of the art I’ve seen looks very good, and it looks like it has a fun light Spider-Man-esque vibe. I might have to jump on board with this.


The photo was late this week due to the UK bank holiday:

I’m going with Sean Murphy and Batman:White Night for the best cover.


That cover for Isola is really striking, but loses points for the name of the book being completely illegible with that logo (I thought it was a sequence of numbers at first).

I had to look up the new releases on Comixology to find out what it was called.


Yeah I may have ruled that one out because I didn’t know what to call it. :smile:


Well whatever you call it, J591A definitely stands out on the shelf.


The variant cover for Michael Cray 7 is very good as well


White Knight wins cover of the week easily.

It’s also going to be the best interior of the week, I confidently predict :slight_smile: