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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It’s a fair assessment and I am judging off the back of that one short story. Which is why I gave it a ‘wait and see’. However it is the most old-fashioned thing I’ve read from him, his one in Action Comics not quite so much but even that felt quite 90s and “Doomsday”.

It’s possible the art is swaying me more than I think with Garcia-Lopez and Jim Lee being emblematic of those eras.


Avengers 1 could be the worst book Aaron has written. Really bland, unoriginal and felt like he was aiming for a different audience than his other Marvel work. Not sure who but maybe a younger one for sure. It seemed quite ‘simple’.


in my experience, Aaron has two modes. One is the grim ‘n’ dirty, which is how I discovered him (Scalped), and his superhero work, which he’s been doing at Marvel since he got there. I’m not sure if there’s a further distinction, but that’s the one I know.


DC Nation #0 - I feel like the three stories in this free give away gave a bit of a taste of the upcoming books they were teasing but not much else.

First up was the Joker tale by King and Mann. I’m not a huge Joker fan and honestly wish they would put him on the shelf for a few years to let him rest. To me, he’s just over-saturated and every writer seems to want to do their own spin on him which only multiplies the schizophrenia of the character. I do like Mann’s design. It feels like he’s used a familiar actor as a model but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is.

Next is Bendis and Garcia-Lopez’s Superman story. I really like this but admit it does give me some concern. The big spread of Garcia-Lopez’s Superman put a big smile on my face. Interestingly, his work felt a little bit different here inked by Dexter Vines than the story in Action Comics #1000 inked by Kevin Nowlan. I suspect that Nowlan did something more akin to finishes than traditional inks. The things I have some trepidation about are the double page spreads with tons of dialog. It’s something Bendis likes to do and is one of the few things that doesn’t translate well to digital (and sometimes trade). The other is I hope they’re not messing with Clark and Lois’ relationship too much. It was one of the things I loved most about the Rebirth era and would hate to see it go away so quickly.

Lastly was the Justice League story by Snyder and Manapul. I love Manapuls are and think it will be great here. Of the three stories, this is the one that probably gave the smallest tasting. I’m not too worried as Justice League: No Justice #1 debuts next week. It does feel like this is going to be a similar level of insanity that Metal was. I hope they stick the ending this time or at least give a worthwhile transition into Snyder’s Justice League run.


It’s drawn by Jorge Jimenez :smile:


Oh that is a bummer to hear. I flipped through it with the intent of buying but soon realized it was definitely not for me. Aaron trying to write what he thinks kids want rather than simply toning down his violence a bit and letting kids come to him.


I think Avengers would have been better with a different artist. A bit too cartoony. Aaron seems to be channeling a Wolverine and the X-Men vibe over a Weapon X vibe. I’ll give it a few issues…Aaron rarely lets me down.


Fuck. You’re right. It’s been a long week (not in a bad way just really eventful). :wink:

Manapul is doing the main book and I’ve been seeing his work online. I’m also pumped for Jimenez and Cheung taking turns on the main book.


Definitely - it was very much in the mould of the home invasion horror movies.


Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s great work by McGuinnes but doesn’t suit the tone of this book.


I thought it was apparent from the beginning the guy was going to die. It was just a matter of how and when.


I think you may just be wary of King in that area after that Kite Man story- understandably as I thought it was excessive. If you think a little logically though for a letter to have arrived it would have been posted at least a day earlier, so it couldn’t have been she was dead and missing or the father would have been in a panic the previous evening after school.


Yeah, the Kite Man story immediately came to mind when I saw the letter.


Also, if you look at the dates I think the tardiness was on the 23rd and the note was written on the 28th. So there was already a five-day gap.


I read the story too (I used the free digital link that Paul posted above) and I think the odd final panel is just a case of having to explain the twist of why the guy appeared to receive an invitation when there was no reason for him to.

The trouble is, as the final panel it’s the last thing you’re left with so it ends up feeling more meaningful than it should. It might have been better to have it be something sent by the Joker himself to set up the whole situation at the end and give himself the impetus to kill the guy, similar to the gun scene earlier.

I liked the Bendis Superman story though.


I felt part of it being the last panel was to emphasise and remind that the Joker has left some poor young girl fatherless, for no reason whatsoever other than his own amusement and insanity, to underline that he is an utterly crazy, heartless, evil bastard.


I got a free copy of the #0 with my purchase of a trade at Forbidden Planet.
Yeah I agree with @ChrisS there wasn’t any real connection that he had done something to the girl.

Also, another Tom King story to add to my list of “stuff by him that I like”.


Yeah me too, I think others may have read too much into it. It seemed quite simple to me but now I am getting headaches and Tony is cross referencing dates. :smile:


Good guide for those attending Free Comic Book Day on Saturday:


In fairness it does kind of encourage you to try and make those connections, by accident or design.

I’m getting flashbacks to the whole All-Star Batman milk carton fiasco (where Dick Grayson’s picture somehow ended up as a missing kid on a milk carton the morning after he got abducted. I remember some very tortuous leaps of logic as readers tried to work out how his abduction one night could have got noticed, reported, his picture sent to the milk carton manufacturers, printed on the carton, the carton filled with milk and then distributed to Superman by the next morning. Sometimes it’s best not to dwell on these things. :smile: )