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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I think I’m agreeing with you again. I like the concept of Captain America, but the composition doesn’t quite look right for some reason.


I pretty much with you on the DC Nation stories.

Batman was great, Joker was really properly menacing in that mundane setting, it sent chills when he’s just sat there next to the guy smiling.

I liked the Superman story but it did seem a little old fashioned (not just because of the Garcia Lopez art which invokes an earlier era). I’m a little wary that Bendis’ version may err on the side of tribute act for the comics of his youth but will stick with it to see.

Justice League - yeah I feel as well I may have had enough of the crazy concept version of Snyder. It was fun at first but I’m hankering a bit for the more pared back and horror tinged stuff of his earlier work.


Batman 46: :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Poor Booster Gold, hope he is revealed as an alternate version from the “everyone gets a lobotomy” timeline from The Simpsons.

TNG:Through the Mirror #1: Nice start, but it bothers me that the book promote and refers to two titles that have been out of print for a long time… IDW get reprinting please.


Yeah I am still looking forward to Bendis on Superman but everything I’ve seen in previews has made me less excited, not more.

I didn’t get the JL teaser. Was that for one book or several? I did like the lineups on those teams.


Just two for me this week: Koshchei the Deathless #5 (with another gorgeous Mignola cover), and East of West #37.


Really? There should have been only one book with three stories unless they split them up for physical release.


I thought the Batman story was great right up until the last panel where it suggests Joker killed the guy’s daughter prior to taking him hostage.

Loved the art on Superman.


The note said she was tardy, not absent. Maybe I read it wrong, it was confusing why it was even included.


Maybe I’m remembering it wrong but I thought it said she’d been absent. If it just says she’s been tardy including that doesn’t make much sense to me.


Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t have it in front of me. Either way it was an unnecessary detail.


Agreed. It was practically a horror story. The last panel either makes it unnecessarily cruel or confusing to what the point is.


It definitely said she was tardy.


Someone needs to explain to me what the significance of including it is, then.


Yeah I didn’t read it that way. I thought the whole point was it was all rather random and pointless. The letter was just a standard letter from the school as obviously no wedding invite was ever going to arrive (and yes it does say she was late and not absent).


Ah, ok. That makes sense then, given the psychology of the Joker.


Yeah, that was the whole point. And the irony of it, too.


I think it was still dumb, though. The story was effective without that panel.


But with it you can tell whether Joker was really being serious, though. It would’ve been odd not to reveal that.


I’m familiar with less of Bendis’s work than most here, but from my limited exposure that doesn’t sound like him at all, he seems all about reinventing, rather than being a Geoff Johns style “back to my old favourites” writer.

Has he possibly moved to DC specifically so he can change his approach and get back to the basics he grew up with, something he didn’t feel he could do at Marvel?


It may be a little early to tell, but I think he’s still in his exploder mode, New Avengers style. Johns may have retconned Parallax to be a separate fear entity, but his main goal was to make Hal Jordan redeemable, acceptable as once again the premier Green Lantern. Bendis introducing a concept where someone actually caused the destruction of Krypton isn’t like that at all. At least, apparently so.

…But on the other hand, if he does start writing tributes to older stories, he does have precedent, and it’s his original, Peter Parker Ultimate Spider-Man, which was basically his updated version of classic Spider-Man lore, up to and including the much-maligned Clone Saga.