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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Not very sold on any of those covers, I think probably Green Arrow has the most bite.


Holy shit, are those price stickers?


No. It’s just CGI.


Looks like Action Comics Special #1 and DC Nation #0 for me today. Might give Captain America #701 a peak but with Samnee gone and Waid leaving I can’t say I’m overenthusiastic about this book anymore.


DC Nation is free on Comixology:


Xerxes #2 and Maxwell’s Demons #3 for me.


Thanks, I’ll check that out too.


With more art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Christmas comes twice in as many months. :wink:


Avengers #1 is out today too. Decided to give it a shot instead of Captain America #701.


It’s not in the photo above but I’m digging Mick McMahon’s cover for this week’s 2000AD.

Look at the fucking size of those boots!!!


I hope before he retires he just does a cover only of massive fucking boots.


I like the Captain America cover


Picking up a few others but some key new books this week for me are

DC Nation 0

Avengers 1, which has a creative team that demands to check it out

Dan Jurgens finale on Action Comics Special 1

And the new book from the ever brilliant Rick Remender, Death or Glory 1.


heck yeah!!


Nothing on the ol’ pull list this week, but looking around I think this might be the cover of the week. By (okay, I don’t believe it either) Juan Doe.


Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander #2: Still prime Miller. He’s definitely in his groove and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #34: Lapham seems to have radically changed where the plot was going given the great disconnect between this issue and the solicit. I wonder what that means since it looked to be payoff for an earlier set-up and now that just seems weird without the pay-off. Still a great character issue though.


DC Nation was pretty a pretty solid demonstration that Batman, the Superman titles and the Justice League line are in safe hands for the immediate future.

I did find the Justice League stuff a bit cheesy and it never really hung together in the same way that Metal was a bit nonsensical in the end - however overlooking that it was good fun.

I like the slant that Bendis has taken in the Man of Steel preview.

The Batman preview was best of the bunch though, King has pulled off a right deranged, nasty bastard portrait of the joker and that was a classic few pages of borderline horror.

The future is still bright for DC, a lot of good stuff still going on.

While I’m here, I’m going to pimp Tim Seeley’s Imaginary Fiends one last time. I read the 6th and final issue this week and he stuck the landing perfectly. In fact it was quite a brilliant ending to what was a really great and original horror series that I hope does get collected because I will double dip on it.


Thanks for pointing that out.

So I read that. That Joker is hugely consistent with “War of Jokes and Riddles,” and a psychologically convincing take on the character. King is a master of character psychology. Bendis, meanwhile, is definitely impressing me, too. His Daily Planet is different from Johns’, and the ‘90s version, but focusing on Clark’s performance is brilliant, how it can be affected by what’s happening around him. I liked the Action Comics #1000 teaser, too, how Bendis used bystanders to comment on Superman. Usually when a writer does that it’s pretty generic exclamations, but this felt like these people actually lived in a world where Superman exists. And Bendis further impresses me with this second preview by making apparent bold political statements. The Justice League material seems like the first time someone took up the gauntlet Morrison laid down, just kicking up the scope of storytelling to a whole new level. I also liked the Unexpected preview.


I heard Bendis speak about his plans and in ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’ he said the truth is represented by Clark and the Daily Planet. He’ll focus more than previous writers on the journalism aspect.


Just realized the new team at the helm of Captain America are Mark Waid and Chris Samnee…

The good: Now i Have six issues of the best Marvel team to chew in one Night.

The Bad: Sasmnee leaves after this.