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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Like many people here I genuinely loved the Superman book from Pete Tomasi and Pat Gleason. #1 - 25 (along with the Annual & the Rebirth special), by Tomasi, Gleason, Doug Mahnke, and Jorge Jimenez, is right up there with my favourite Superman runs of all time. I had a few qualms with it here or there, but overall, the whimsical tone of the book, its focus on family, the town of Hamilton, and the ongoing Rebirth mystery were quite brilliant.

However, after #25 (the end of vol 4 in tpb), the series seemed to lose its way. There was no core theme running throughout. There were a lot of fill ins. The overall quality of artwork took a nosedive. I actually dropped it after the anti-climatic ending to “Super Sons of Tomorrow”.

I came back to read Tomasi & Gleason’s final story arc on the book (Superman #42 - 45), and I’m really glad that I did. It was one final “hurrah!” from this creative team, and encapsulated everything I loved about the book in its first year. Beautiful art; fun family dynamics; and a lot of heart. There were a few bits in the last issue that got me right there - “It’s hard to say good-bye, but it’s a great feeling knowing we have been part of something special here.”

I look forward to seeing what Bendis does with the Super-books, but I’m going to be eternally grateful to Jurgens and Tomasi/ Gleason for bringing back my Superman.

Btw, I usually dislike buying variant covers, but I made an exception this time. The Bizarro version of #1’s cover was too cute:


Brilliant ad DC are running just now for the Bruce & Selina wedding…


Why does it say “invitation to follow” immediately after formally inviting you? :confused:


It’s a “save the date” card. Not a UK thing?


No, we do ‘save the date’ cards, but they don’t normally say “you are formally invited to” on them. They just tell you to save the date. :slight_smile:


Aye you are right

Just ignore that bit and pretend that the advert is cool


I do quite like the ad either way. It’s fun to see them being creative with this stuff, and I like all the little Easter Eggs dotted around.


Yeah it’s pretty creative, good way to get people thinking or even excited about the mini event when previously they may not have been overly bothered about it


I hate to be that guy, but I still think this is completely the wrong move for both characters. Especially Batman, whose whole character is as defined by great tragedy as it is his innate heroism. I’m happy for those of you who are enjoying this, but I’m not supportive. This summer will be the first time in thirty or so years where I won’t be buying one of the regular monthly Batman titles.


I’m not reading the books at the moment, but is the assumption/indication that this is going to end happily? I would be expecting a bit more drama and conflict than that.

It reminds me a little of the build-up to the wedding of Stark and Black Widow in Ultimates 2. I had expected the wedding to go ahead but be interrupted somehow - what we got was far more dramatic and interesting.


Jarvis, why? :disappointed_relieved:


It does look like they’re going through with it. Catwoman is getting a spin off title afterwards - Catwoman, Wife of the Bat. And, I’m sure there will be drama and complications. I just don’t like the direction.


Etiquette rules are different for billionaires.


If they did this in the 80s or 90s, or even ten years ago it would be wrong. But the evolution of Batman since Morrison began his run makes this a logical move. He’s no longer the socially stunted jackass and has surrounded himself with his family. I love it and hope it sticks. If they play it right this could be the next Lois and Clark.


I get where you are coming from - but I have faith in Tom King that this is part of a bigger tapestry.

He’s got a lot of credit in the bank with me as a writer and I really enjoy his Batman run, albeit not as much as Detective.

I’m happy to follow this and see how it plays out, I’m usually quite generous with my tolerance levels on the types of stories writers want to tell, if I like the writer.

I’ve also REALLY enjoyed their relationship in this series. I want things to go well for them. Selina in particular.


It’s a great day for a … Red Wedding!
It’s a great time to … start again!


Vik (or anyone else), have you read the first couple parts of the Darkstars story in Hal & GL Corps?

It’s pretty good. Great bit of nostalgia.


Excellent. Trade waiting Hal Jordan, but glad to hear it will be worth the wait.


I binge-read most of the run a little while back. I was most impressed by the Lex Luthor Apokolips story. Generally I find their Superman to be inferior to their Batman and Robin, but it was also in a lot of ways completely different, which is also an accomplishment.


Also good to know. I haven’t read Batman & Robin run, but have all the issues on ComiXology already for a “rainy day”.