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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


And it takes Booster from a sometimes stupid but nice hero to a downright imbecile who should be hunted down by every hero and time cop in the universe.


Finally finished reading my Wednesday pull list last night.

Action Comics #1000 (digital) - I reread the stories I liked the first time and enjoyed them the second. There was some incredible talent at play in this issue. The digital edition had a bonus story by Paul Levitz and Neal Adams about Superman and Lex playing chess. I enjoyed the story but wasn’t enamored with Adams’ art.

Kick-Ass #3 - Another fantastic issue. I really love Patience Lee as a character. @Mark_Millar seriously knows how to write a cliffhanger too. Can’t wait for issue #4.

Mister Miracle #8 - King and Gerads continue to impress here. The structure of this issue, bouncing back and forth between Scott’s domestic life and his life as a general on the front lines of the war with Apokolips, was incredible. Both creators are really at the top of their game and meld so well. I anticipate every issue and this might be a double buy once it hits trade.

Super Sons #15 - This issue starts the last story arc for this book with a battle against Kid Amazo. Still loving the chemistry between Jon and Damian. I hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the new status quo.


I think I’m going with Thor this week for the cover, a bit of a solemn one but it stood out first for me.

Saga and Hit-Girl have a lot of character and a bit of humour, Moon Knight is quite spooky and inventive. Doom Patrol looks like it could be clever but reproduced too small for me to really tell.


Really excited for the new Detective Comics, but cover wise, I think I give it to Moon Knight this week.


There’s a lot to choose from out of that lot;

I really like
Batman: The Signal, Thor, Doom Patrol, Kill or Be Killed, Saga and Moon Knight

But my favourite is the Peter Parker SpiderMan cover.


Looks like Hit-Girl #3 for me. I’m still a bit on the fence about Doom Patrol so considering #11. I had also thought about giving Hunt for Wolverine #1 a shot but really kind of lost interest in that one.


I’m a full week behind on my books, but this week I’m most looking forward to

aliens: dust to dust #1 by Gabe Hardman

Detective Comics #979

The Beef #3 which has been bizarre and brilliant in equal measure - a joy!

Terrifics # 3 I know others interests wavered slightly on issue 2 but I found it lots of fun
And the last part of the absolutely brilliant

Imaginary Fiends from vertigo, by Tim Seeley. Can’t recommend this nasty little horror series strongly enough - it’s going criminally under the radar


I’ve only just noticed that this comic shop puts sticky prices on their covers.

I’m by no means a fanatic about keeping things pristine but, I’m sorry, that’s just barbarism.

I’ve loved Aaron’s Thor, and Jane’s time as the God of Thunder. I’m glad he was able to give her story a suitable conclusion. I may have had a small tear or two in my eye at a few points.

Also, there’s one panel progression in this that works absolutely perfectly as a digital read on Comixology, in a way that it wouldn’t have worked the same on the printed page. I love that storytelling adapts to the form.


You aren’t the first to comment on it, I agree but their slight escape clause is they use these easy-peel ones that don’t leave a mark. If they ripped the covers like normal price stickers would I think they’d have gone bust 20 years ago.

I actually used to mainly use mail order but used to pick up the odd issue or trade I missed there.


I like that someone new notices that every few weeks, and the wave of horror slowly washes over the board.


It adds a level of comforting familiarity.

To more important discussion, I agree with @Mike on Thor, really enjoyed Aaaron’s run.


Be interested in what you make of this.

Yes, stickers on comics is not on.

You’ve both made the future OHC a must-buy. I haven’t got around to reading OHC2 of Jane as Thor, but really enjoyed the first pre-Secret Wars one.


As requested…

It’s pretty good Ben.

What sets it apart from other Alien comics is that it is very fast paced. Like really fast. There’s no building suspense that would be typical of the stories set in that universe - it very much drops you into it, from the viewpoint of a young boy on a terraformed planet where all xenomorph hell has broken loose.

I’d liken it to a zombie outbreak movie where the first hour has been condensed into 22 pages of a comic book.


Thanks. DHC seem to be doing this with Aliens now, first Stokoe’s mini, now Hardman’s. It’s a good idea - get a well known writer-artist and have them spin whatever tale they want to.


Jeepers Creepers #1: It’s Andreyko at an enjoyable level. But it does make some stuff a let-down as it is seeming to give definitive answers that are just somewhat standard.


Yeah - it’s a good idea a good way to keep things fresh. If you don’t like the story or art you know it’s only 4 issues and in a few months time someone else will be taking a turn, with their own different take.


All good choices, but Moon Knight is top for me.


Scooby-Doo Team Up #36

The gang is called in to hunt a monster, and they’re helped by private investigators Angel O’Day and Sam Simeon, a kid called Stanley and his dog Thpot, and a couple of toddlers called Sugar and Spike.

And if that isn’t enough to make you go and buy this comic, you have no soul and nothing else I can say is going to help you.

But, ok, just for you, here’s the best gag in the comic:


I just read JLoA #29 Because of the No Justice event. This was the last issue of this series. It was well written It went from an all all out battle to a point where they have the heroes wait for weeks. Ray and Atom with beards was a good look. Orlando ended it on a very good note with one of those frustrating splash pages where they introduce new characters to the book and I am left trying to figure out who they are. It is a nice concept but with the event coming, who knows if it will just disappear. But now that it is complete, I will say the entire series was very good and if you are a trade waiter, I would definitely recommend picking these trades up.


Hit-Girl #3 - I initially had reservations about the art style on this book but Ortiz has really won me over. I was originally a little put off by this issue as it was seemingly heading to a very dark place by the end. I’ll be excited to see how readers process the ending of this storyline. It certainly made everything worth it the first time for me and I can’t wait to see it in all of its fully released glory.