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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Yeah and as I said I’ll leave it for King to explain before I complain too much, it’s a first episode with the intention to surprise.


Action Comics #1000 - This was a nice 80 pages of short stories that celebrate the Man of Steel’s past while giving a glimpse of his future. Here are my favorites. I enjoyed Peter Tomasi’s vignettes of different eras of Supermans history with incredible art by Patrick Gleason. Geoff Johns and Richard Donner explored what happened to the driver of the car from the cover of Action Comics #1. Olivier Coipel’s art on that story has me pumped for Magic Order. Scott Snyder showed an interesting interaction between Superman and Lex over an (unbeknownst to Lex) mutual childhood memory with incredible art by another Millarworld alum, Rafael Albuquerque. I think Tom King’s short about Superman during the last hours of Earth with art by Clay Mann will be a classic. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s art with inks by Kevin Nowlan and modern colors by Trish Mulvihill really brings Paul Dini’s story about Mr. Mxyzlptlk to life. This one makes me wish we saw more modern work from Garcia-Lopez. The final story was written by Brian Michael with fantastic art by Jim Lee and gives a glimpse of the new status quo for Bendis’ run. I’m quite excited by what’s coming.

Superman #45 - This was an amazing send off issue for the Rebirth era of Superman. Tomasi and Gleason do what they do best highlighting just how much Clark’s wife and son mean to him as Superman. It almost left me a little misty eyed at what is clearly meant to be their goodbye. I would be incredibly dismayed at the passing of this era of the book if I wasn’t so excited for what is to come.

I didn’t get to the rest of my reading list but hopefully will soon.


Absolutely loved King’s story. And was thrilled to see Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s art, too.
To be honest, Lee’s art in the last story wasn’t even close to the best art in the entire book but the story overall worked.

Superman 45 was brilliant. I don’t normally read it and only picked it up because it was looked like a great issue on Clark and Jon. Made me wish I’d been reading it from the beginning. From now on, if Tomasi and Gleason are on a book, particularly a family driven one, I’m reading it.


I’ve been a Tomasi-Gleason fan since Batman & Robin. It has mostly been finances that eliminated this (and most) titles, but I think they’re one of the great teams going. They’re like the band Cream; they shut up and play!


Agreed on both.

I met Tomasi and Gleason last year. Both are really great, down to earth guys.


Yes, but Cream ended up hating each other in the end and quit playing at their height.


Then did the best Farewell Concert EVER!


Only a BC rumour at the moment (coming from the Diamond C2E2 summit), but Grant Morrison on Green Lantern could possibly be the one thing to make me interested in that book:


Grant Morrison on GL could get me to buy new comics again. The only stuff I read these days is older trades.


I’d definitely buy a Morrison GL book. Interesting. His take on the character in JLA was always quite playful and imaginative, and he used them quite well in Final Crisis.


That would be amazing

GL needs a bit of a shake up and this could give GM a bit of a new angle as well, rather than going back to a Batman or Superman wells


Morrison on a Kyle GL book would be awesome. An ensemble type book with all the established GL’s (and plenty of new ones) would be acceptable. Another Hal Jordan is the be all and end all book would be a pass. Even with Morrison. Here’s hoping.


Kick Ass #3 continues to ahem kick ass. Millar and Romita are on great form. This issue introduces the super villain of the story (or at least this arc) and things go pretty bad for our lead character. Speaking of whom, I’ve grown to really like Patience in just three issues. She’s such a fully formed character. For those of you who read the original books, how is this series connected to that one? Or are we supposed to just accept the weird coincidence of someone brand new putting on the same costume as Dave Lizewski?

One of my favourite books in DC’s New52 was I, Vampire. I think it was Andrea Sorrentino’s debut, and whilst heavily influenced by Jae Lee, it had a style of its own that really suited the horror of that series. The subject matter of Gideon Falls #2 is likewise a perfect fit - eerie, small town, weirdness. Although, like Bobby, I am a little put off by the vertical scratches across all the artwork (and, bizarrely, the letters too). This seems to be a deliberate artistic choice, but it’s just distracting. Plot wise, I still don’t really know what’s going on here, but it’s captivating in the way all good horror should be.

The intrigue continues in Moonshine #9, as the tension between the NYC bootleggers and the moonshiners escalates even further. I was going to say something about how good Azzarello and Risso are together; but if you’ve ever read any of their prior collaborations you already know that. This is more of the same, with a supernatural twist. Good stuff.


Apart from Kick-Ass, the only book waiting for me when I picked up my standing order yesterday after 3 or four months was Savage Dragon.

I spent a good hour reading them, including the letters pages and back-up strips - very satisfying stuff. Erik Larsen seems more inspired and engaged over the past year or so, having formally officially made the original Dragon’s son Malcolm the star of the book (and gotten rid of Savage Dragon) and moved the setting from Chicago to Toronto.

An upcoming cover features just Malcolm’s kids - the original Dragon’s grandchildren (since the book takes place in real time) - pretty impressive stuff.


In the first issue didn’t she outright state she was copying Dave’s look on purpose?
And it’s not like Dave made his own suit…it’s something he bought.


She said something about dressing up like a superhero, but not Dave explicitly. It’s a bit meta, I guess. Patience dressing up as the Kick Ass comic book character, who himself was a comic book fan dressing up as a superhero. If that’s all it is, I’m fine. It’s not really hindering my enjoyment of the book. I’m just wondering if there’s a more direct connection.


I kinda took it as meaning Dave explicitly…since what kinda superhero dresses like that?
Like, that was a stretch for me even in the original series that Dave thought that was a superhero look.


Well, it’s an incredibly basic superhero costume, one or two steps removed from Spider-Man or Daredevil. The only thing really separating them is some kind of theme.


I’m 99% sure Dave exists in that universe and Patience copied his look.


Two bumper sized commemorative issues:

Captain America #700 - in the main story, Waid & Samnee bring both their time travel story, and their criminally short run on the title to an end. The timey wimey solution to the story was quite clever, but immediately left me thinking back to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer season 3 - are there now two indestructible shields in the MU? I’m really going to miss the Waid/ Samnee/ Wilson creative team. They’ve given us some phenomenal comics over the last few years. The Kirby short was alright, but nothing to write home about.

Action Comics #1000 - I bought the 1990’s variant; I wasn’t really blown away by any of the covers, tbh, but 90’s Superman is my Superman so that seemed fitting. The collection of stories inside were nice and varied. I enjoyed both of the outgoing teams’ efforts, although they were both pretty forgettable. The King/ Mann story is rightly lauded, but I also really enjoyed Meltzer/ Cassaday’s and Johns/ Donner/ Copiel’s contributions. All three were excellent. And, finally, the Bendis prologue served its purpose in getting me pretty pumped for Man of Steel.

I enjoyed Captain America more, but it was fun to read both back to back on a lazy Saturday afternoon.