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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I got about 6 pages into issue and quit. Just wasn’t for me. I’m completely unfamiliar with Marquez but I really wasn’t a fan of the art at all. I’m generally not a Bendis fan either so that didn’t help. In fact, I don’t know why I tried it in the first place!




Due to Bobby’s review I am ordering the deluxe hardcover. :smile:


Batman and Superman for me.

With Batman, King is aiming for his own volume to go on the shelf next to Year One, Arkham, Long Halloween, Hush, Killing Joke, Black Mirror, Mad Love, etc. etc. Who knows if it will ultimately get there but he’s going for it. This one is another cool issue, painting a large gang war in broad strokes, and shifting forward and backward slightly in time. There is one pet peeve of mine, a plot point put into motion by a kid being murdered, but otherwise it remains solid.

Superman is right on the cusp of sweet and hokey, as Clark takes Jon around American historical sites and teaches him to respect our history and veterans. For me it was laid on too thick, spread out over a whole issue, but mileage may vary.

There are also sample pages for King’s upcoming Mister Miracle in Batman. I think this is going to be a good book, guys.


Is that a one-shot for the Kirby event month? I am thinking about checking some of those out.


A twelve issue series I think.


Oh wow, I didn’t even know about that (or I forgot). Who is on art?


Mitch Gerads

It seems like it is going to be something along the lines of The Omega Men in tone.


I might have to trade wait on that because it will be amazing in that format but we’ll see if I can hold out.


It’s 12 issues. It is practically daring us to tradewait it.


That interview (and preview) has me very interested to read it. King’s mentions of his inspirations make me think this is going to be a great take.


That’s my standard approach for anything 12 issues or less these days.

(More than 12 issues and I probably just won’t bother at all.)


I have the same issue as you with that plot point. Completely unnecessary and doesn’t exactly jibe with the ridiculousness of the character.


I liked the cliffhanger because it references an old school W/S event. I agree with the informative part. Nice reveal about Kenesha and Marlowe. I feel sorry for Cray though. He is just trading nutjob bosses and the new nutjob is a lot worse than the old one.

I just read Valiant’s Harbinger Renegades and they are going full out with the superhuman combat. Generation Zero vs Hard Corps was just brutal.


The new Astonishing X-Men by Soule and Cheung has some of the best art I’ve seen in a long while.

It is absolutely… astonishing.


Hhhmmm…Cheung’s name on the cover is an automatic ‘no buy’ for me! It’s the way he draws heads and faces. Ugh, can’t stand it.


If Bobby dislikes it, you’ll love it.

Every time. :smiley:

It was Cheungs name that got me. :wink:


Injustice 2 is pretty enjoyable. I really liked this weeks cliffhanger. Plastic Man is one of my favourite characters, so it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes.

The same can be said for his inclusion in Dark Days, I really want to see what his role is there, and what the reasoning behind keeping him locked up is.


I’m a bit behind but Injustice has really benefited from having Taylor back. He has that extra spark with the characters


What’s the story like?

I love Cheung, he just gets better and better.

Soule’s Marvel work has all been a bit lacklustre and dare I say it, phoned in. But he’s written some good stuff elsewhere.

I was tempted to check this out because if the art, but Soule put me off…