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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

I picked up Action Comics #981 and Dark Days: The Forge #1. I’m super pumped for the Dark Days/Nights books.


Bug #2 was better than the first issue.

The Allreds are going for more of an Ambush Bug feel, and it’s more apparent this month and thus much easier to get into.


I thumbed though Dark Days: The Forge in the store (mostly just read the last three pages). I’m not a huge fan of these “issue zero” types before the event, where there are a bunch of different artists and it’s $5. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s a trend I don’t like. Is the issue a teaser…why not make it free or like $2 then? Is the issue a meaty part of the story…why not make it issue #1 then?

Anyway. This upcoming event could be pretty good.


Apparently it and Dark Days: The Casting are more like Marvel’s Point One issues.
Just more tied to Metal.


I binge read “Unstoppable Wasp”.
Great Stuff.


I don’t like those either. But, as I said, not the biggest deal.


Okay. I’ll admit it. Detective Comics hasn’t been the same since the end of “The Victim Syndicate”, 10 issues ago. The triple whammy of losing Tim, Stephanie, and the regular art team, and a diminished role of Batwoman, took it’s toll. It was still entertaining, but wasn’t blow you away awesome in the same manner that those first two arcs were.

Detective Comics #958 - the first part of the series’ fourth arc “Intelligence”, is a real return to earlier form. I loved it.

Firstly, Martinez and Lopez are back on art. Immediately elevating everything; this is really beautiful looking book.

The story is an Azrael centric arc, that opens with what I assume is a deliberate callback to The Sword of Azrael. The Order of St. Dumas are always a fun set of villains, and their actions here promise some pretty cool fireworks to come.

Batwing is starting to grow on me. Kate had a small, but endearing cameo. And the last page? :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait for the next issue!


Is it worth picking up?


It’s not bad.

I also enjoyed Detective Comics. This could be a pretty fun arc.


Action Comics #981 - It feels like this might be an undercover crossover with Suicide Squad with Superman and the Squad never actually interacting but the actions of one issue affecting the other. If it is, I think it’s a very cool idea. The connection is used to help Cyborg Superman continue to build his Superman Revenge Squad. Hopefully the payoff is worth the build. The highlight of the issue was actually the artist, Jack Herbert. I don’t believe I’ve seen his work before but I really like it. I can see a lot of different influences but the strongest is Kevin Nowlan. This issue is worth checking out for that alone. I mean check out this page.

Dark Days: The Forge #1 - Wow! This issue sets up a lot of mysteries for the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal book. Like a lot of DC’s event intro books, it has top not talent (both writers and artists) jamming together to tell a great set up story. I agree with @RobertB that it would be better at closer to $2 like they’ve done with similar books in the past. However, I wonder if they’ve found that wasn’t economically viable for the amount of talent they put on these books. It comes with my recommendation especially if you’re looking forward to the @ssnyder1835 and @GregCapullo event.

I kind of hope these videos had at least a small part in inspiring Dark Night: Metal. :wink:


I’m intrigued by the event, wouldn’t say I’m excited about it. Like you and Robert suggested, if it were $2 or even $3 I’d buy it no problem. But the $5 price tag is steep, even with 30 pages.


Late on my shopping, but to catch up loved Reborn #6 and despised Batman #24. You call that writing? That was the barest introduction to an insight therapy session - probably the first one - with the approximate depth of an evaporated puddle.


I think they took a loss leader with the big Rebirth book to push the relaunch, now it has proven to be a big success they probably feel they don’t need to do it any more. I wouldn’t normally pay $5 for a comic but I have noticed that Comixology have not adjusted their prices on the UK site. Once I converted it the price there is $3.80 so I’m sticking with buying from them in Sterling.

As to the book itself I enjoyed it. DC since Rebirth though really like their mysteries, as with The Button you don’t leave this book knowing exactly what’s going on. We have two super secret hidden vaults! It’s intriguing though and I’ll keep reading.


Ya. I had assumed they had operated those books as loss leaders before but maybe didn’t see the ultimate pay off in the end. You may be right in that they feel they’ve cemented their position and don’t need the loss leader anymore.

I like that too. There has to ultimately be a pay off but I’m happy being teased at this point in the story.


Can you provide spoilers?


Under spoiler tags I can.

Batman has a secret Batcave within the Batcave that is holding the Joker that has some secret we don’t know about, he also has a secret vault in the Fortress of Solitude that Superman promised to never look at and lock away forever that he uses Mister Miracle to break into


Well damn. I was hoping they wouldn’t be that cool, but I guess I’m going to go pick this up during lunch.


Oops. I thought you were asking that the reveal be spoilered. :wink:


No, I meant for the issue itself. But you edit my posts again and I’m going to spoil you.