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The Official Star Wars Ep VII: The Force Awakens Thread (Spoilers Ahoy!)


Todd is responsible for a lot of the madness :wink:

What if…what if Millarworld IS my existential crisis?


crap… I had forgotten about this thread… should’ve stuck my “review” in here.

Oh and @Todd was right, btw! :smile:


Now, come on. Putting Todd and responsible in the same sentence…

Crisis on Infinite Millarworlds!


Crisis on Infinite Millarworlds?


Except @KandorLives because he is wrong about Predator.


If I come back younger, edgier and wearing a collar, I’m not going to be happy, let me tell you that for nothing :wink:


Personally, I’d love to see your origin streamlined.


I don’t mind being infamous around here. They say that there are no good villains left.


I got yer collar right here:


Just as well because somehow I doubt you’re ever going to hear the end of it. :wink:


I can see it now - the post reboot Simon will jettison the whimsy and optimism of the original and leave us with a brooding, bitter, cynical, sarcastic loner…

Um, point of order - How would we know if a reboot had actually happened? :wink:

Good comic. Tragic dress sense. There’s a sense that the Emperor went to his tailor and said - “Could we maybe make it a bit more timelord?..Y’know without the funny hats”


Laura Dern is in Episode 8…that is pretty awesome. Hope she plays some cool female Jedi.

edited for overuse of the word “awesome”


Your cousins, pets and second home in the artic will no longer exist. On the plus side, your adventures will have more ‘realism’.


Oh, what a shame. Erik Bauersfeld has died. And he was supposed to be back for Episode VIII. Still, 93, not a bad age to reach and he was still working.


Crisis on Infinite MillarWorlds?

Blame it on the Anti-Moderator!


Revealed! Why Kylo Ren Turned To The Dark Side In The Force Awakens


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Mark Hamill just posted this. It’s a huge infographic!

Happy scrolling!


Somewhere, Jonathan Hickman is crying tears of joy at all those circles.


(Also I think maybe this belongs in the Star Wars thread. :slight_smile: )