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The Official Star Wars Ep VII: The Force Awakens Thread (Spoilers Ahoy!)



A new Star Wars thread because once things get too big they get scary.

God, I loved this movie. Yeah, yeah, yeah it shadowed a lot of stuff from Star Wars from the opening few scenes to the cantina to a Death Star explosion, but it would be churlish to moan. This was great, fun cinema and I think maybe my personal fave movie of the year. It was just an explosion of pure happiness with so many great moments I could cry.

Han’s death was great and unexpected, the fact that Keylo Ren was Adam Driver was also neatly kept under wraps and the fact he wasn’t Luke’s son a genuine and nice surprise. The Jedi mind trick scene with the storm-trooper (a cameo from Daniel Craig btw) was brill, but the big moment for me was that journey up the steps to Luke’s meditation spot. Not just because I’m proud to call Sir Hamill a pal and he was mighty fine enough to bring us along as his guests to the premiere in London (and drop us home after), but because this was the next step for a character I had as a toy, a poster and a Halloween costume when I was seven years old. A lot of people have retroactively said that Han was their fave character in the original trilogy, but for me it was always Luke. Seeing that promise for the next movie genuinely gave me the chills.

Amazing. Five stars. Loved it so much!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - discussion (SPOILERS!!!)
Just back from Civil War - THE NEW THREAD!!!! (SPOILERS WITHIN)
Just back from Civil War - THE NEW THREAD!!!! (SPOILERS WITHIN)

I went with my 14 year old son my 8 year old daughter and my best friend Stuart . All of us came out beaming. No prize for guessing who my daughters new hero is!
Stuart said "it was like saying hello to an old friend "… He might have stole that line!


That closing scene with Luke was so good. I have mixed feelings about the film but that scene just made me so excited for the sequel (especially with Rian Johnson directing).

Kylo Ren was probably my favorite character. He was everything Anakin should have been in the prequels. His voice effect was great, too. Combined with Driver’s softer way of speaking (in comparison to James Earl Jones as Vader), it made for an appropriately chilling villain. His last scene with Han was so twisted. “I need you to help me”… The shift in Ford’s expression when he realizes what Ren means… oof.

EDIT: Just realized Kylo Ren’s way of speaking reminded me a lot of Frank in Donnie Darko.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - discussion (SPOILERS!!!)

I thought the Rey character was great. Personally I thought the beginning was SLOW. It seemed to take some time to get moving. Harrison appeared to be phoning it in, almost like Bruce Willis in the latter Die Hards. Poor Carrie Fisher looked corseted and uncomfortable and was given so little to do it was scarcely worth her being there.

BB8 was good. Maybe my expectations were never going to be met. Being told how good this was beforehand didn’t help. It felt almost like a reboot to me. Strangely disappointed I’m afraid.


I didn’t care for all the Starkiller Base stuff, which never felt like a credible threat, but I liked everything else. The first 40 or so minutes, before Han shows up, are fantastic.


JJ and Kasdan rehashing some of the same elements of A New Hope felt more like they were saying “here’s some fan service amongst some new stuff so you all feel safe coming back after the prequels. We know what made it great.” I hope that it allows for Rian Johnson and company to really go their own way and give us the originality we deserve.

The shot that got me though, tears in the eyes got me, was Chewie flying the Falcon to pick up Rey. I got that rush as it rose above the horizon and then it just hit me like a brick in the stomach. Here’s this Wookie, who’s spent the last forty plus years flying around the galaxy with his best friend and now he’s there, in his ship, and he’s all alone.
Broke my heart.


This is how I feel too. I was loving it for a little while but for me the wheels came off shortly after the old characters started appearing (although I am looking forward to Luke in the sequel).


Can you convince him to play Luke as Yoda in Episode VIII?
Seems that that isolation would affect him in some way . . .


I just went in watched and enjoyed as a fan, not as a critic. It was monumentally pleasing from beginning to the end.


I saw it with a friend and we were less taken with the film, but she actually said that her favourite film of the year was… ‘Kingsman’! So her taste isn’t in doubt.

I think we all want to see a more Luke-centric film next. That last shot on the cliff was magic. There was a lot of bad history in Luke’s expression.

Two years is a long time to wait, but I hope ‘Rogue One’ delivers in the meantime.


I’m expecting Hamill will silence the naysayers of his acting skills once and for all with the next film. Hamill has always been good, especially in Empire and Jedi, and since then he’s gone on to give one of the best voice acting performances of all time as the Joker. And even though we only see him for about 30 seconds at the end of the film, the gravitas of his subtle change in facial expression after seeing Rey hand him his lightsaber could only have been pulled off by a very talented actor.


I thought is was terrible.

Bad writing and acting, rehashed story and the original stars seemed kind of sad and pathetic to me.


I agree about Kylo/Driver. He made the most of the conflict going on in the guy’s head and, of all the recycled plot ideas, his Anakin v2.0 story was the best.


I also thought the lightsabre fights here were poor. Having just watched Phantom menace again on Sky I was reminded just how good the light sabre fights were there. I didn’t hate Kylo Ren but he bows to Darth Maul for menace.

Leia had use of the force. Why didn’t she recognise Rey as Luke’s daughter?


Maybe she isn’t?


This thread is a parallel universe where all the over 40s saw a different movie :smile:



I am exactly 40 which is why I liked half of it.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Gruesome Chewbacca Scene Cut From Film


This thread is pretty light compared to the wretched hive of scum and villainy* that hate The Force Awakens in the old spoiler one :laughing:

*may be terms of endearment


For me, the best character has always been Luke as well. As a child, that was due in large part to the fact that he had an X-Wing and a lightsaber, which made him the the coolest by default. As I’ve got older and obsessed about the films more and more, he’s remained my favourite, his arc is just wonderful. There’s such a change in Luke through all three of those originals films, from the dorky kid on Tatooine who tugs the bartender’s shirt and says “can I have one of those” (which absolutely kills me every time) to the stone cold badass who stands up to the Emperor and says right to his face “I’ll never turn to the dark side”, the journey is amazing to me. Mark, of course, plays him perfectly the entire way through. There’s an understated brilliance to his performance, he always seems so calm and sure of how he’s playing the part, even with such big changes in the character throughout the trilogy. He embodies Luke so effortlessly and easily.

I’m really excited to see Luke return, the final scene reveal was great for me as well, as it allowed Rey time to grow throughout the film. Rey has been so wonderfully introduced in this movie, I’d already rank her as my 3rd favourite character of the series after Luke and R2. It’s going to be amazing to see her and Luke fulfill the dream of bringing the Jedi back. I can’t wait to see how Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill’s scenes together will turn out.