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The Official Reborn #6 thread - THE BIG FINALE!!!

This should have gone up yesterday, but between the election and everything else it’s been a mad old week. But here we are at the end of volume one and by gum this team is such a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be more delighted with how this has all gone and I’ve got a wee bunch of reviews here for you to peruse. Mega-thanks for buying and mega-thanks for all the love for this book. I’m going to start writing the next one at the beginning of next year. Got Empress 2 and some other stuff to do first, stockpiling like crazy on all these things I can tell you about at the end of this month.

Spoilers below!



Honestly one of the most touching comics that I’ve read a while. The premise interested me, but as usual it was the beats of humanity and character that kept me hooked. Reminded me much of Starlight and how much we need to appreciate both the time we have and the actual people in our lives we have to spend that with. The scenes with Daughter and Granddaughter especially their final dialogue was really sweet.

Can’t wait to hear what’s coming up next, and believe me this has gotten me hyped for Red Diamond.


Tom beat me to it, but I love the message of love for the people (and animals) in our life. Great issue and a great way to end the first chapter.


Awesome Sir!, any news about the board game?

Maybe 2 minutes ago live coverage of the Comey testimony ended. It’s only fair to Mark and Greg I wait until at least this evening to buy my comics. It would be a distraction against this and a local issue. I want to savor this!

Could not wait any more and read it.


Structure of events is perfectly reasonable. Take it as a moment-of-death fantasy. Take it as a telling of Part One of a Great Story. Some of us know those Stories, but they need to be told. Here it is told well. Maybe, for those of us with imaginations, it’s a solid launch point for how we would structure our own fantasies. Would we be bogged down by guilt? Did we revel in some form of evil? Did we live a solid, good life? Did we heal the wounds we made? Were our own wounds healed? How do we rate our own lives?

As we well know, things may not go so well in Part Two!

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From the New Comics Thread.

Reborn #6 - Wow! @Mark_Millar and @GregCapullo really know how to wrap up a story. I love how this issue reconnects the whole story to these ruminations on life, death and what happens afterward while only amping up the Masters of the Universe style sword and sorcery meet tech goodness. The only bittersweet part of it is this is the last issue of this volume which like all Millarworld books just leaves me wanting more. It’s good to know there are plans for more volumes. I could see this being a serious franchise with far reaching opportunities.

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Great finish to the series and I like that they took the time to flesh out the epilogue. I’m looking forward to see how this title grows over the next few years.


I’ve been waiting for all six parts to be in my possession before I started reading. Looking forward to it, but first I have to finish my re-read of Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore. You’re welcome for buying haha. It’s been years since I bought single issue comics, so Reborn has earned a special place in my collection, along with Eric Powell’s Hillbilly, as a new starting point of buying single issues.

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Sorry for been so late but here is my review…what a great ending, and desperately waiting for volume 2

Get the hardcover! It’s unreal.


Hahahaha, I can’t afford more than one copy of the same story, and if I could it’s still not something that really interests me. I have been enjoying buying single issue comics again, I like that you can’t just order them off Amazon or something, but the extra content like sketches in the back of collected books is something I will regret not having. I’ll definitely flip through the Reborn hardcover if I ever come across one that’s not sealed in plastic.

Damn you, MM. Why must you insist on embedding chopped onions in the pages of this series…sniff sniff

I was not initially interested in this concept, but just picked up the series on a whim tonight and read the whole thing with a lump in my throat and a couple of wet eyes. Coming from a dad of two daughters and also being the son of aging parents, this struck home.

Great flipping job, sir.


It will be as awesome as the Empress hardcover?, another question, there will be an artist edition for Reborn #1 and Empress like Huck?