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The Official REBORN #5 thread - SPOILERS AHOY!!!!


It be on sale today, dearies.

Here’s the preview:

And here’s the very first review.

Penultimate issue of the first story arc. It’s a corker! Greg Capullo should basically draw everything all the time!!!


Looking forward to it!


This should be waiting in my pull box today.


Hoping for a sex scene with the lion dragon!


Following Greg Capullo on Twitter, you get to see him wrestle with amazing pencilled splash pages, just to whet one’s appetite :yum:


Love this issue a lot, that page where Tom and Bonnie share time as father and daughter touched my heart, for many personal reasons, thank you Sir.

My review:

Now I CAN NOT WAIT FOR issue 6!


I forgot to mention first is in spanish, then in english


Reborn #5 - This issue is a lot of recap and set up for the final issue. It was interesting that Lord Golgotha was revealed to be the sniper that killed Bonnie’s husband, Harry. I wonder if there will be further revelations of who that person is rather than a random shooter. I will be interested to see where the final double issue takes us. I suspect there is something more to be revealed about the nature of this world.


Thank you for not going the obvious route, I was really fearing her husband was the bad guy. Fantastic issue.


That’s the direction I thought it was going too but I don’t think I would have been disappointed with it.


I think this is more interesting than him just being the bad guy. I was so distracted thinking he was going to be the villain that I never thought about the possibility of him already having made a family in this world. I actually think it makes things more emotionally complicated for Bonnie. Though by the looks of it, it seems there’s still some hidden story with him.


Ya. As I said before, I also think there is still some larger hidden secret to this world. Everything is so connected to Bonnie in a way that seems stronger than the usual Chekhov’s gun type of stuff.


That secret will blow our minds in issue #6!!!


Read Reborn #5 and it was fun and exciting, but something Bonnie says seems to directly contradict why Frosty has such a hate on for her. She tells her father she had a hysterectomy, but is getting her period here. Wouldn’t Frost’s fixing also be - fixed? Or is that only a good side, side benefit? Or was he just so enraged it didn’t matter/he didn’t check? Since the question took me out of the story I’m glad I found your thread since it (probably) won’t come up again. Thank you