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The Official Reborn #4 Thread


24 Hours for Brits, 12 for Kiwis. Here’s our FIRST REVIEW…


Capullo is coming to my neighbor city Cincinnati in September. Can’t wait to meet him!


Really looking forward to this. I’ve been too long without a Millarworld fix. :wink:


Been mostly working outside comics on some secret stuff for the last six months so these last three issues of Reborn and the final Jupiter’s Legacy the only MW books until Summer. But by God they’re good.

Here’s the next couple of reviews. Hope y’all enjoy the book itself today!



Have you officially revealed you have taken over the Paul Raymond line of publications yet?


“Gore-splattering goodness”. Love it!


Thanks all! And another! I’m really pleased with how this has all gone down. You just can’t go wrong with Greg and the guys.


Don´t worry this books are so good that it will worth the wait untill summer for blowing our minds again


Awesome issue, and I believe the big moral lesson is that we must leave a good legacy in this world, Bonnie is unaware that how many people envy her, but not because of her bad attitude, she always did the best. I really love this series!

Here is my review (spoiler free):


Cheers, Dave. That’s fantastic :slight_smile:

PS And another:


And I forgot to mention that today came out the reprints of #1,2 and 3!!! what a hit!


I was wondering how many prints #1 will get?


so far one today, it’s the 4th printing of #1, 3rd printing of #2 and 2nd printing of #3


You’re welcome sir!


Well, I guess you can’t predict reprints. We’ll just have to wait and see lol


It’s pretty normal to overprint a little on each printing. Like maybe 10% over orders or slightly more if you feel in your bones something is going to go down well. But we’re four printings into that little beauty already. I’d love to see a fifth. We should know in the next week.

As for the issue, the big thing on Twitter everyone seems to have loved is that last page. You get some naughty people on Twitter :slight_smile:



Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Reborn #4 - It’s hard to beat @Mark_Millar and @GregCapullo in one book. I’m still digging the sword & sorcery meets technology version of the afterlife in this book. It really give Capullo the ability to stretch those supernatural drawing muscles in a way he hasn’t since Spawn or Haunt. I’m beginning to wonder if our protagonist’s husband is the villain of the story knowing how all of her other old acquaintances have lined up. Definitely looking forward to more.


hahaha that last page was unexpected but interesting


I forgot to mention the preview of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5…what a mindblowing issue it will be!!


Greg Capullo really showed off in this issue. This is my favorite book on the shelves right now!