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The Official Reborn #3 thread - Millar & Capullo love-in!


Here you go, my lovely peeps. Preview of #3 plus first review all at one link!!



Nice! 5 out of 5. McFarlane toys would make great action figures for this comic series.


That’s a great idea!



You can’t be waiting for the movies to start cranking out some merch, Mark! C’mon, our buddy Layman has a line of “Chew” toys! (Yeah, that was a natural.) Plush Big Daddy! Operating drone of Ship! Big Giant Hat like what’s-his-evil from Starlight. Nemesis onesies!


Capullo, you magnificent bastard! I forgot Millar was behind these shenanigans about the first splash (which with my sense of propriety I found hilarious). Getting a handle on what you’re up to with this one, Mark, and I must say it is a delightful mix of influences! Maybe when you wrap part one of this bit we can list Easter eggs and whatnot, for now it’s just my kind of ride. It may not be clear to some, but the core idea - right there in the title - is universal. But you knew that!


The writing is great, the art is great, the story is great and the action is great. All that’s nearly a given at this point. What I love above all else is the creature design and the mix of elements - high tech flying cars, chains bound by magic, machine guns and ray gun and swords. It’s a mad mix, it throws all the rules out the window for those genres.

A dragon with a lion’s head is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Except for jetpack flying elephants.


Thank you, folks, for all the lovely feedback here. We sold out of our third print of 1, second print of 2 and first print of 3 yesterday, which is just crazy. This book is mental and impossible to really define, but seems to have really connected with the audience. There’s a lot of word to explore both here and in the sequels. I’ve never known a comic to get chased by so many studios, but holding back for another month before agreeing to anything.


Positive review, congratulations. I’m looking to start collecting again. This looks like one of a few good places to start.

If you could only give me one other Millar book to pick up, what would it be?
(Not something older with a thousand volumes, only got so much money to spend. Plus, I’d like to “get in on the ground floor” of one of the newer creations).


The beauty of Millarworld is that it tends to be single volume stories with very few sequels so far, though that’s something I’m obviously changing. Recommendations? I’d say Huck, Starlight and Jupiter’s Legacy are the strongest collections in our deck, Empress the best series done so far (though not collected until end of January).

PS Here’s another review of reborn #3. Just heard we’ve sold out of first printing of yesterday’s issue, second printing of #2 out yesterday and third printing of #1. Thank ye all from Greg and I!


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Reborn #3 - I’m still loving the mix of swords, sorcery and technology in this book. @Mark_Millar keeps drip feeding us information on this new world while @GregCapullo makes it all amazing and lush. Empress impressed me with the amount of world building and the feeling that it was a complete universe that could exist on its own and compete with other similarly elaborate environments. This book is hitting me the same way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a film franchise, TV show or MMORPG based on either book. It feels like there’s that much to explore that this miniseries will only be able to scratch the surface of. Needless to say, I can’t wait for more.

Like the Chief said, one of the beautiful things about Millarworld books is that they are self contained and can be experienced in whole by reading a trade or two.

My favorite is Superior with Huck coming a very close second. That being said, you can’t go wrong with any of it.


Many studios!!, that’s great, it deserves a great movie deal, and I can´t wait for the board game!!!


Yeah? Watch this.

Reborn is the tale of an afterlife that is directly connected with how we live our mortal life, and its greatest hero.

How’d I do, Chief?


Just picked up #2 a little late, but I must say wow. You guys are crafting something unlike anything else I’ve read. And the father daughter core story is so touching. I love how you always keep your stories grounded in the human side of things:) great job!


All in all. I would pay for just about ANY Millarworld toys and statues. Anywhere I can currently buy? Let’s make it happen cap’n! TAKE MY MONEY


I loved #3 but I was hoping for more villains in this issue. Is main villain a woman? Her mom?


Glad I read # 3 sober. A lion-headed dragon…wild! Continuing to love this series and I admire how quickly our protags have been thrust into the maw. Not much time to admire the grandeur of it, but Bonnie starting to develop her power by issue’s end, only to fall into a trap…I’m getting wonderfully dizzy by this issue’s pace. I’m all for good exposition and character development, which you’ve balanced quite well and then slung shot us into massive action. I pity Bonnie when her old kitty comes a-callin’


I would also add that the deeper we get into the story, I’m really looking forward to seeing what seeps from Bonnie’s subconscious memories. I feel like this story is not merely a fantastical life-after-death adventure, but the manifesting of demons from a purportedly failed life, one filled with brutality.

As I wrote about the debut issue, “Though a forthright cynic, we feel her pain inside one single panel, which Greg Capullo illustrates with heartwarming innocuousness: a young Bonnie, married, suckling her newborn, nestled beneath the nook of her husband’s arm. Mark Millar cites it perfectly for us to get where Bonnie has been and why her life’s a blown tragedy: ‘I’m twenty-six and feeding Barbara, loving the way she blinks as she swallows. Loving the fact she needs me so much. Carson on the box. Harry beside me. Never happier than this perfect moment.’”

Wonderful work thus far and I’m glad it’s been a huge success for the imprint.


Loving this so far, Capullo is awesome. I want TOYS of this! This could even be a great videogame.


Hey there, finally took the plunge at signing up for the Millarworld forums as I’ve just finished reading Reborn #3 today. I’ll admit that the first issue did not totally sell me on the book. But I didn’t give up on it so quickly because Capullo’s artwork is worth giving the series more than one shot. I held onto issue #2 for a while and I read it the other day and I had a big dumb smile on my face by the end of it. And I got even more excited when I read that a potential board game and novelization is in the works. Page 2 of issue #3 shocked the hell out of me. I froze, mouth agape, read it over again then laughed! The book has grown on me and I need more of it now. I look forward to posting more in the forums here.

Oh and I’m excited for a novelization because I love “expanded universe” novels and I find it rare or out of fashion for comics to do it. I LOVED reading Hellboy novelizations.