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The Official Reborn #2 Thread!!!!


First reviews are in, amigos. Don’t see any previews yet, but you’ll see some pages within the reviews if you don’t mind some mild spoilers…


Great issue, Capullo outdo himself in this one, all the details, stunning!!!, and I have this great feeling that Bonnie’s dad if hiding a terrible secret…awesome series!


Even though there is no preview, the 12 pages preview of Reborn #1 has 3 pages fron this issue…=^)…there are in the third review


Cheers Dave. Some more reviews in and people really responding to this, which is great. Just got word from Image our second printing of #1 and first printing of #2 sold out today too and it’s only just after noon in NYC. Crazy! Good crazy of course. So thanks to everyone!


Congratulations Sir!, you have an amazing new series ins hands, a franchise that will have a board game!!! I want one!!!


This is a fantastic comic! Capullo’s work is breathtaking!


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Reborn #2 - I’m really loving this @Mark_Millar & @GregCapullo team up. It’s bringing out the strengths of both players. This issue had a ton of action and exposition but never felt bogged down. It still feels like there’s so much of this world that is a mystery. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes.


Meh, it was an okay second issue. :smiley:

But in all honesty, fantastic work by you and Greg, Chief. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.


Thank you, peeps. Like I said, this is a mad series and so it’s great to see people digging it so much. General Frost was my first doodle after I worked out the basics of Bonnie’s story. I want a toy of him. Possibly with detachable cat-bits!

More thoughts from the comic-book glitterati!


Very cool direction for Capullo to go in with his art. If I’m being honest I wasn’t sure he do this kind of fantasy but he’s exceeded my expectations.


Because I enjoy praise here’s another batch of nice reviews :slight_smile:

This seems to be really clicking, which is great.


The part with her old cat’s balls being removed… I was dying. Love this series so much. If this is true , I’m gonna have some pissed off old pets waiting for me.


You got Pick of the Week on the iFanboy podcast too.


Oh, that’s nice. I love Josh Flanagan!