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The Official Reborn #1 Thread - Millar & Capullo TEAM-UP!!!


Here’s a 12-page art preview by the mighty Greg Capullo:

And here’s the first batch of advanced reviews that have come in:

Unusually, Greg and I have done pretty much ZERO PROMO for this series and just one text and one video interview. Why do 20 saying the same thing? The video interview is Nerdist and the text interview is the Washington Post? Both go live today and the book is out tomorrow.




Having seen the issue in black and white, I can’t wait to see it in color. Capullo’s art is just gorgeous. You’ve been blessed with getting the top tier of artists at the top of their game.


Because it’s AWESOME INDEED!


Very cool! Reminds me of a Frazetta world. I love seeing artists constantly grow and Greg is one of those gems for sure. Love the detail.


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread:

Reborn #1 - Millar and Capullo have laid out a great first issue here. I love that it starts off very real-world and then has this huge twist. Growing up the only thing that rivaled my love of Superman was He-Man. This feels very much like that kind of swords and technology universe that the Masters of the Universe inhabited. I can’t wait for more.


I love the concept, it really pulled me in. I found myself hoping this actually does happen when we pass away. Love it!


I know this story. I’ve written it more than a few times. Peculiar story, this is; it tends to change rather unexpectedly. Few know the real story. We have myths and legends and are “reassured” ever since our moment of first birth that we will never be alone, never abandoned, always loved. Is this a lie? Or misplaced hope? The more powerless we feel, the more we crave power to balance our existence. This is terribly misunderstood and has led to many problems on this planet. This planet, with which Mr. Capullo is all too familiar, must expand. It cannot be contained. It cannot be contained in an elderly atheistic failing body, it cannot be contained in the Scotsman or the maniac with the pencil. Barbarians looking far too much like a certain native of Cimmeria against a lot that conjure a Wizard of Many Colours and his hellspawn. Moment of death fantasy? I know this story. It is not that simple.


the art in the preview looks incredible


Picked mine up today. It was going to be the first single issue comic I’ve picked up in years, but Eric Powell beat you to that punch with Hillbilly. Still, very excited to finally have my copy of Reborn on my shelf. Looks awesome.


Picked up #1. I think it’s Millar’s best title so far. It is more touching and easier to relate to than Huck. The art by Capullo is amazing and fits perfectly. I added it to my pull list and it’s one of the series I anticipate the most.