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The Official Kick-Ass #5 Thread - Spoil away!!!


I love this arc. I know I’m biased but I had a ball doing. Where this goes next issue is insane. I cannot wait to see what you think!!!


@Mark_Millar - I really, really, really need you to watch last night’s American Ninja Warrior - here’s a link. (I have an ad-blocker, so they’re nasty to me.) I think the third contestant is Jessica. She’s military. Has three kids. Hit hard times and had to live with the kids car camping. Damned near made it through the qualifier. Mark, if this is not Patience in the absolute flesh, I’ve lost all sense of reality. Get this woman to Netflix! Stat! Yeah, I know about who owns what! But, dang, son, I never saw anyone as 1:1 perfect as this athlete!



This arc has been so entertaining and maddeningly fun!
It captures a lot of that no-holds-barred Kick-Ass spirit, while giving it an entirely new sense of self and direction through Patience. This issue is probably the best example of that. Kick-Ass lives on disaster-dominoes effect and everything crashing in was done in both a thrilling, tension-filled manner, but also with the sense of building up the excitement for the climax I hope we all expect haha.

Great arc and just a complete treasure after the series having had a break for a while.


Some villains one wants to jail. Others are worse, and their demise would be appreciated. Then along comes Mister Solo - of an increasingly popular surname - whose death must include the utter destruction of the hindbrain, cremation and a significant burning of sage. Along with this, we get two of the most significant panels in comics history. Oh, we will not give that away while the book is still hot on the racks! Go find out!

I do love meticulous planners. Especially those who have “computed all alternatives”. I do appreciate a challenge to chaotic creativity! Bring it, lad. Bring it right here.


Dear Mr Millar, dear friends,

Nifty use of a baby phone! I really like the elderly couple’s notion of what they think a modern woman should be like. Incidentally, I also know someone with five million bugs in a bag under his floor… hoops!


[Could Mr Solo have realized that he was speaking prophetically on account of no happy ending for himself?!]


Kick-Ass #5 - @Mark_Millar knows how to keep ratcheting up the intensity of each issue. Every issue finds Patience Lee in a worse circumstance that she seems to somehow manage only to end up in even more dire straights by the end of the issue. Super pumped for the wrap up of this story in the next issue.


I’m probably way late to the party here…

But does this

Remind anyone of this guy?


I’m going to stick my neck out and say… “no”?


Skipped everything to avoid spoilers, I missed getting #4 and had to go digital. Waiting for Kick-Ass #5 as well as Hit-Girl #4 and #5 now.
Why do comic shop owners sleep so late!!?? :wink:


Wow. Is that a comic shop in a mall? I didn’t think those existed anymore.


Yeah. There are still a couple of malls.


It is, unfortunately it’s not a very good one. I found a cool one 15 minutes from home about 6 months ago, it waa closed down when I went looking for Kick-Ass #4 last month.

Edit: on the upside Mighty Moose had KA #5, HG #4 & #5 as well as The Magic Order #1
So I got that goin for me, which is nice. :slight_smile: