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The Official Kick-Ass #4 Thread - TASTE THEM SPOILERS!


Spoil and enjoy! New issue out TODAY!!!
PS I love Violencia so much. When we do the show of this he’s going to be GREAT!


Okey-dokey. I’m an idiot! Is this news? No, no it is not. I somehow neglected to read #3. So, I read #3. That was excellent! Love how the tale unfolds. Maybe a tiny bit saccharine with the giveaway funds, but I’ve turned into a hard-hearted cynical old bastard that occasionally frowns at kittens, so don’t listen to me on that. Love the way Johnny’s got more depth-of-field going on; in that angles and amount of detail are like a camera pulling focus. So cool. Now I’m gonna take out trash, mop the kitchen floor and then get on with #4. My apologies for the skip, Chief!


Ah! I was thinking while watching Kick-Ass 2 earlier that this could be done on TV. And apparently it will!


Kick-Ass #4 - @Mark_Millar sure knows how to keep things in suspense. Love the turn in this book and the cliffhangers just keep killing me. @JohnRomita seems to be in his element again too. Patience Lee is such a great character that she has me saying, “Dave who?”


My dear Ronnie, I do believe the quote to be “Dave’s not here”.


Do the rights to use Dave lie outside of the Netflix deal?


All Kick-Ass and Kingsman characters are outside the Netflix deal as they weren’t part of my company sale. That said, we could feasibly do a deal at some point. KA not constrained to any one studio.


Dear Mr Millar,

I would never have guessed! Exploding balloons! Great idea.

Probably I have to think more like Bill Gates,



Being an observant soul, and having led a life that was interesting in the Chinese Curse sense, I felt the first half of this issue coming. Okay, I admit it. I was getting a little impatient with the set-up and beat-down. Then I realized we were finding out more of how Patience’s mind works, and my eyes just enjoyed all of Johnny’s artwork - what with the purdy colors and calligraphy. And then you turned the Millar on, the part I have come to enjoy most. Patience engages the situation! With mind, soul, heart, empathy, love and a big stick! To be continued …


I finally had a chance to read this, hell YEAH! Kick-Ass#4 AKA: The Hindenburg Plan.
This rocked my ass off, Violencia is cool as shit and the way Patience’s internal monologue rolled was like an even more Bad-Ass version of The Equalizer. I’m hoping to catch up on#5 tonight.

TV show!!?? JUSTICE FOREVER!!! :smile: