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The Official Kick-Ass #1 Thread


Been ten years since we had that subject title :). Feels good. Oh, what a lovely launch we just had. Our orders were great, we generously over-printed and still sold out completely. Second printing being rushed out, the FOC this Monday and big numbers already coming in from the first day initials. It’s like Deja Vu all over again. A risk trying something new, especially with the first one changed our lives and hit so big, but people have responded insanely well to this. Thanks as ever to all our pals here, on behalf of Johnny and I, for the support!!!


I have a weird thing on my computer where I can’t seem to post anything more than a few lines long without my Reply button disappearing and unable to post at all. Been happening for months and am sure a bug in my own solar-power computer. So this will be a few posts here. I also wanted to say SPOIL AWAY as we always do that in a discussion thread.


Stunned and delighted people into it as much as we are. I promise you it only gets better, every issue upping the ante and taking this to places you will NOT expect. Some 5 star review samples:






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Great news and I’m looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:


Have you tried turning it off and back on again?


I know Lorcan doesn’t look like this in real life;

But in my mind he always does.


I’m basically a mix of about 50% each Moss, Roy and Richmond


I’m not sure if it’s same problem, but I also can’t access my Twitter DMs on the computer. It’s like the screen freezes untilI hit escape.



Mate, you’re a mac user. it’s one stage above using an etch-a-sketch.


To echo my comments from the new comics thread I thought this was fab and it felt different from most of what I’ve read before, Kick-Ass or otherwise

I think the main reason for that is the situation that the character Patience finds herself in, and the blend of family politics which I’m sure many of us have experienced, if not first hand then at least had to support someone in a similar situation. It seems fresh but like just a slightly exaggerated relationship from those we have seen in real life.

That domestic situation is what draws me in as a reader as although I appreciate action in a comic, particularly when it’s done by a guy like JRJR (who knocks it out the park here with some of his best art in years), it needs to be grounded in a relatable and emotive way.
Her actions feel justified in this context and by the sort of person we already know she is by the flashback scenes early on in the book.

Patience is a great character, as is her ex, who I already love to hate and I look forward to seeing how she juggles her family life along with this other identity that she has taken for herself.

I hope this sells by the bucket load because it is genuinely very good. It’s got the best bits of things like The Punisher and Jennifer Blood but manages to be entirely its own beast, and remarkably it doesn’t just repeat what we’ve seen before with Kick Ass.


To also reiterate my previous thoughts, I felt it was a fantastic start to an entirely different path for this series. The art from JRJR is impeccable, and the best he has done for Kick-Ass up to this point. There’s a lot of care going into this visually. The storyline so far is removed, yet still retains that edge and amped up appeal that Kick-Ass has been known for with an interesting new twist on the main character and their actions. Left me hooked.


Really loved #1. It felt fresh even though I had already read it. I really think you and John are on the top of your game here, Chief. Patience Lee is one of the best new characters I’ve read in a long time. I think she might even eclipse Dave Lizewski.


I’m looking forward to checking it out at some point. The original comics were rightly identified, I think, as Mark’s signature creations, so I’m glad the story continues.


I’m waiting for the late rising comic book store owners to open up so I can find a copy. :wink:


As Lorcan would tell you, to fix this one you must turn the Sun off and back on again. Make sure it’s off for a full minute.

My life has been madness, and I think I’ll have time to read this Saturday. (If I don’t care much, I’d burn through it. But, I care.)

And if you would please pass on to JRjr - “Polyphonic Prayer” by Eric Steckel. Just out (recorded in December), clips on YouTube,