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The Official Jupiter's Legacy Finale Page!!


Loved the ending. Is Requiem going to be vol 3 of legacy or something else entirely?

The series never answered Barnabas Wolfe’s backstory. You promised me it would. Is he Jewish? Why does he wear a skullcap?

Also, how do we find Walter in the supermax (top right panel of page 25)? He didn’t die after being impaled by the teleporting flashlight?


Sorry if I’m wrong, but I recall that this was meant to be a trilogy, with Circle and Legacy acting as the first two parts.

As for the skullcap I figured it was to give him a look akin to the Inquistion.


As far as I can tell, I think that’s Walter’s son who was only knocked out rather than killed.


Oh could be that’s it. His hair looks white though like Walter.


That might be his skin in the light. Look up a bit and I think you can see his scrap of dark hair.

I do wonder who the blond is in Brandon’s cell. Don’t remember her.


Ok. Let´s see.

I´ve been waiting for this for so long.


A fun thing with Walter’s son. He has tech powers that lets him make or fix anything.

Who else has those powers?

Who’s heart did Walter break out of pure, mind-controlling cruelty in Jupiter’s Circle? :slight_smile:



Ah, so Jules’ mom didn’t have the same dominant genes that Hutch’s mom did? Nice.

Jupiter’s Legacy has really struck a chord with me, and inspired me to write a superpowers-based comic of my own, something I never thought I would do (I didn’t think 17th century Japan would be either, TBH). I have been won over by the portrayal of family loyalty and betrayal, redemption and sacrifice, as well as the usual MM blockbuster action and cheeky fun.

What really made me think was the concept of Sheldon and Walter, in their own ways, triying to ‘help’ the USA government, and in particular Brandon’s complete failure. I immediately thought of looking at a contrary What If? situation, in terms of the characters and the result. A ‘complex’ family tree is central to my plot too.

Congratulations on a great series, and I look forward to Requiem with some relish. And thanks for the inspiration.


Wow. I totally hadn’t caught that. That’s crazy. Sounds like there’s another book of Jupiter’s Circle-type interpersonal information that happened behind the scenes between books too.


Would it really go that far?
I figure that it was something that played up the irony of the situation.


I’m just saying there’s a lot of backstory that happens even between the two volumes. I mean we have a couple generations of superheroes that were just kids at the end of Circle and are adults at the beginning of Legacy along with what seems like a lot of water under the bridge in some areas.

I’m not saying Mark should change plans and do another series but it does sound like there has been a whole lot of thought and back story put into these characters and this world. It would all make great fodder for an ongoing comic, TV show or film franchise.


I’d love to see some of that come to light in SuperCrooks, it’s a fun romp - but it could be really interesting to see other ideas developed within that cache of world building.


This features a little in Requiem. I won’t be starting it until early next year, but very excited about it. It’ll be quite a different book and like Circle to Legacy is going to move the story on some years.

I won’t give too much away at the moment, but Jason in the central character and the world that surrounds him is quite different from what we’ve seen already. The story of the island and the powers is centre stage as per the end of this book, everything Skyfox had been working on in his Russian lair being slowly uncovered.

I worked all this out in 2012 and had it as post-its on my office wall for around 3 years. One night at a family party Frank Quitely and my pal Muriel Gray sneaked in and rearranged them, writing lots of fake notes in there too. I’ll post them up online some day. But fortunately I remembered the plan :slight_smile:



I’ll look forward to it.


Jupiters Curcle was really a happy accident with this story - it really expanded the universe and that backstory really added layers to the story. There’s so little generational stuff in comics as superheroes aren’t allowed to mature and have families so this is fresh ground that to me takes superheroes to the next step. Everything else looks juvenile when compared to this universe.

I can’t wait to see it being adapted. I think it’ll be a terribly interesting and exciting story. The Greatest Generation, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and post Millennials all offering their own perspectives on how to be heroes. How to fix the world. There’s a history of America here.



He’s cant be dead! No effing way.

Frank really tightened up his pencils for the finale didnt he…the artwork is spectacular. The economy in the dialogue, every word was pristine, every line elegant adding texture and propelling the story. Wow. The plot, intricate yet simple, spellbinding, was so sad when I reached the end, I waited for months, but it did cause me to read all 5 issues in one sitting and it was a glorious 2 hours. Just drank in every page, every panel.

I want to work with you guys!!!


I read that issue with this song in my head:


I don’t understand Spanish (I had to put the lyrics through Google Translate) but that was a great song. If you’ve got anything more like it, please feel free to post it in our “What are you listening to thread?” I like hearing new stuff.


I finally got a chance to catch up on my reading last night.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5 - This was such a good ending to such a great book. The final confrontation between Walter and Hutch was perfect. The best thing about the book was how it wrapped up and commented on this series and how these heroes move forward with a nice little bit of set up for the next volume.


I re read all of Vol.2 and it was so much fun. Skyfox’s death seemed sudden. I expected him to die, but I thought he might do more ass kicking beforehand. (That’s not a complaint.) Maybe he’ll resurface in Requiem somehow? Anyway, I LOVED it!