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The Official Jupiter's Legacy #4 thread - MILLAR & QUITELY!


les we forget in all the REBORN excitement, the magnificent penultimate chapter of the Millar/ Quitely masterpiece is on sale tomorrow too. Are we even allowed to say that???


This and Reborn are the only titles I’m picking up tomorrow, and I’m going for all covers!



That’s fantastic. These covers are amazing. I still can’t believe we got Todd!



I am so excited about Todd, I don’t think he does very many variants. I saw he did one for Deadpool back in black.


I thought the Marvel variants with McFarlane art were just old pieces of his art that have been recoloured and repurposed as variants for new books?

Like this one for Venom:

It’s not like having a proper new piece of art like Reborn.


Your right, it did say after McFarlane. Reborn’s looks amazing!


Walter looks like he’s going to get his ass kicked.
Which seems to be his life goal!


Updated with preview for the first four pages:

PS We have our director now as well as the writers for Jupiter’s Legacy. I’m going to buzz Lorenzo today and see if we can spill the beans. To say this guy is a fan-favourite for comic people is something of an understatement. This is going to be mega. AND we’re really considering TV route very strongly now. Hopefully we can talk about this later today. Stay tuned!


No…Not SkyFox. Not like that. Not right now…!


I’m waiting! Oh, it’ll be hours. Hollywood is not awake yet (except the grips, but they’re nuts.)


This would be massive as a TV series. It ticks not only all the geek superhero boxes but so many other’s from dysfunctional families to political drama. Hope you get to spill soon . Willing to bribe with beer if it helps :beers:


We’re really swaying towards TV. I’m always against TV as hour for hour the budgets are tiny compared to even modest theatrical and my stuff tends to be very big scale. But the director who’s come into the frame here has talked Lorenzo and I into this being a TV series and I think he’s absolutely right. This could be incredible.



I didn’t used to be into TV but am very much digging a lot of Netflix Original stuff now. I would love to see something Millarworld there.


I dunno, bro. Loved DD S1, but the other stuff hasn’t been same standard. It’s perfectly decent, but not up there with GOT, Breaking Bad, etc etc.



Have you watched Stranger Things and The Get Down? I have friends that really liked GoT and Breaking Bad but they didn’t interest me.


AMC would be a good fit.




I have HBO. No Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, AMC TBS or BBC America (dammit).

So, like, HBO?


That was the weakest kill I have ever read in a Millar comic. Very poor story


Oh, Spidey. You be trolling. That was the best moment in the series and you know it :slight_smile:



The funny thing is because I just see all this stuff on DVD the channels all seem the same to me!!