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The Official Jupiter's Legacy #3 Thread (SPOILERS)


I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this is the best book ever, but Hell… it kinda is!!!



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I love it. This was probably fastest paced issue of this series. Everything is coming together!

[spoiler] I was confused by a few details:

  1. When Jason got distracted for a second, was he listening to his parent’s proposal or to Skyfox’s approach?
  2. When Skyfox arrives why does everyone start floating in the air?[/spoiler]




Thanks guys.

1/ He’s listening to his Mum and Dad, smiling to himself as he hears what’s happening.

2/ Skyfox uses his TK to blast them all away from that door and then rip it open with his mind.



I love the “Because my dad didn’t abandon me” line.

And equally, I gotta say I love Skyfox’s plan.


Skyfox is just so damn awesome.


Does it mean that he can hear them every time his parents do…hum… y’know, the s-word thing ?


At least until your Superman story comes out :wink:


Ha! very true. And thanks for all the kind words here, people. I just got #4 here to proof and absolutely can’t wait to read it, which has to be a good sign. Who would have thought we’d ever live in a world where that crew-cut genius Frank Quitely would be out there with a monthly book?

Here’s a nice big batch of reviews just up.Glad to see everyone enjoying it so much:


Awesome issue, the milestones that I love:

1.- The return of an angry and powerful Skyfox
2.- The theory that aliens wanted us to breed a new race of superbeens
3.- Jason is one step ahead of everyone

Here is my review, first in spanish, then in english, thank you for this series:


Thanks bud.




Your welcome!


I loved Skyfox in Jupiters Circle. He was my favorite. His return made this one of my most anticipated comics of the year. I couldn’t wait to read this book. You did not disappoint. While the art of the crew cut genius was its usual expert performance. I thought your writing was what made this issue shine. The flashbacks where George explained why he wouldn’t join their little band were good. I loved how you had Jason draw in George with his analysis of George’s research and then low blow him with the line about George’s parenting flaw. then the scene with the graphite and the return of Skyfox and his plans for Walter and the rest put a smile on my face. Thanks for a great comic.


#3 was great, for all the reasons outlined above. None of you is ready for #4 to rip your face off. #youvebeenwarned


I want early access tooooo


Early access? I see it in my dreams.


Just too good. I love the way it plays with expectations.

Quitely’s a god.


Thanks, all!

More reviews because I like sharing people saying the book awesome:


For @Mark_Millar

Have you come across any negative reviews of the JL series? Not your superboy-prime hateful BS, obviously that’s got to be around and I assume we all have zero interest to read rants of that nature.