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The Official Jupiter's Legacy 2 #3 Chat-Back!


Anything said here is fair game for the back of the Millarworld books, amigos. I see that as a bonus, of course. Be as interesting as you like.

This halfway point in the second volume features golf on the moon, the world’s first politically radicalised superhero, Ayn Rand embracing the notion of the superman at a New York party where she finally meets our heroes plus one of the Rockefellers courting superhero sperm to add to his dynamic lineage.

Cover below. Preview up tonight!!


Jupiter’s circle is so good,if my dog ate it I’d wait for the pieces to drop and put it back together for a second read!


I’ll be picking it up on the way to get our mobile command center tomorrow! :sunglasses:


I really like that cover.


The Utopian looks as jacked as @Will after a polar dip.


It strange to see how Chris Sprouse and Wilfredo Torres art look smiler in places love both artist work and there styles complement the story. Nice to see Utopian standing like Superman but then he is Jupiter’s Circle man of the sky’s.


I appreciate the sentiment but after a recent (as in recovered fully today) bout with the stomach flu I’ve lost about 8 lbs. I’m trying to put on that I lost plus a few more.


I am trying to do precisely the opposite of the above!


PS Thanks for the kind words, folks. We’re doing the JL movie right now, planning out potential actors, and even though George has only a tiny part I think he’s going to steal the movie. I’ve loved writing him.


It was probably all fat. Now you can add it back as muscle. :wink:

Love George’s part in things going forward. :wink:


Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #3 - Chris Sprouse was great on fill-ins here. He maintained the mid-century American look that is so integral to the story. I’m a bit surprised at how unsympathetic some of Skyfox’s methods are. I can understand his displeasure at the things happening but I would expect better solutions from him. His character arc is one of the more interesting in this saga especially as it ties into Jupiter’s Legacy with his son and grandson. Still loving this book. Can’t wait for more.

I also really liked the extra back material and interview advertising Empress.


Are Dr Hobbs and Ms Wanamaker nods to the Gene Hackman Lex Luthor and Ms Tessmacher? Great issue.


That’s what I thought too.


Thanks, gents. Yes, Hobbs is wearing and driving what Hackman had in Supes 4, Sam Wanamaker being the guy who bought over the Daily Planet in that same movie. The henchmen all dressed like Penguin henchmen from Batman TV show, the science bent of the gang-leader meaning they have historical science names.

I had a total ball with this book. I love the notion of having these two volumes as a companion to the two Legacy books when the movie comes out. The movie, btw, is moving very quickly suddenly. We have our writers and director has been selected. Lorenzo is amazing.



Mark nailed this issue like a golf ball on it’s way to the Galileo crater! All the nods to my childhood superhero stories mixed in with the political strife and actual “characters” from the era creates an excitement I had as a kid blended with deeper thinking about the state of the world and the implications of what would “you” do to change the world without becoming a “Bad Guy”. George is still my favorite and most sympathetic character so far.


I loved Hobbs’ look - like a evil Open University lecturer. It’s easy to nail the height of fashion when doing a period book, but you and Chris got the unfashionable side of the early 60’s dead on there.


This comment made me laugh out loud! R x