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The official Jupiter's Legacy 2 #2 Thread


I love this issue. I love this series. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

Chat-back below and preview up tonight!!!

pinned globally #2


Issue 2 on sale today! Here’s that preview…

Here’s our first reviews. Happy to report mostly five stars, which is great as it took us bloody AGES!!!



So pleased to see this going down so well. You ain’t seen nuthin yet!



I’ll be picking this up at my LCS later today. Looking forward to the debut of Super-Sanjay (@Sanjay). :wink:



This should be Sanjay’s cosplay of choice from now on!



Loads of reviews on this going up and really delighted. Sending the colour #3 to buds tomorrow!!



This. Was. Incredible.

Immediate amazement. Incredible storytelling solutions at every turn. Sharp, fast, emotional, and with an ending that shocks and awes.



Ah, I’m glad you’re all enjoying it so much. Been on Twitter all morning reading all the comments when I should be working, but more lovely reviews up and generally five stars which only a SHAMELESS BRAGGART would link to.



Loved it. Plus my comment about Empress 2 is in it, which was a surprise when I picked the issue.

As for the second issue: it’s again some first class sci-fi. As Empress is a high paced blockbuster, JLv2 is a more adult dystopian future where the theme of family is again the major theme. And isn’t that the common thread in Mark’s works? Family?


Stan knew the power of this when he focused on those elements in the Thor mythos, the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans and so on. We might not all relate to being norse gods, who i of course do, but we all know what it’s like to be a son or a sister or whatever. It gives the stories more resonance.

So glad to see it going down so well, like I said. I wrote this with no notion of Jupiter’s Circle ever happening, but I’m glad I told those stories too as the impact of this issue’s cliffhanger, for example, suddenly really feels so much more powerful. This character is my fave from the entire series so it’s great seeing him have more page-time:

Also pleased to get Pick of the Week on the great iFanboy too:


iFanboy said your work nowadays is ‘peak Millar’.

Which is flattering but also means the only way is down. :smile:


Or just stay at a peak, like someone frozen to the side of Everest :slight_smile:








True. Except you manage to make those themes more universal while with Stan you still feel that Superhero barrier where the connection doesn’t happen except if you are a huge fan of the characters.

I read Stan, I don’t feel a lot. I read Jupiter Legacy and even though I still don’t “love” the characters, the sadness of their world and situation comes accross.

Then again, why am I saying this. You wrote it.


You must love Chloe, Jason and Hutch. And Skyfox. And if you don’t you will by the end :slight_smile:



From the New Comics thread:


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2 - I really can’t tell where @Mark_Millar’s writing ends and @FrankQuitely’s art begins in this issue. The action and panel layouts continue to be new and inventive. I’m really loving this series. I can’t wait for more Skyfox next issue.


Some folks approach writing a serial by looking at everything that has happened before and then begin writing by speculating “What happens next?” Not our Mark! Oh, I know but a minuscule list of the methods he employs, but I know one thing for sure. Mark Millar schemes! Yes, he does! He thinks out long, complicated stories and deep, fully-limned characters. And then feeds them to starving fans one tiny issue at a time. We do not ignore his cohort Frank Quitely, for obviously he is another schemer. All through Volume One questions arose, characters jockeyed for position - and some rather intense changes happened. Then we journeyed back in time with Jupiter’s Circle, which clarified some things and raised even more questions. With the first issue of Volume Two, the pieces are all in place. The game is afoot and running down the road! Which is exactly the point in the creative process where Saint Frank grabs the story by the throat and command it be told through the precise lines of his pencil! There are no story details in this review, the reader does not need them. Each of the creative team here has done their job beautifully. My compliments to Sunny Gho, whose colors always work so well!. Ink, letters - shucks, even the editing is spot on.

I have read almost everything Mark has published. This may well be the single best issue yet of all titles. There is nothing wasted or padded. The story moves. The reader has emotional interaction with the characters. There are thrills, spills, and a couple good laughs. These are, after all, ‘comic’ books! Mark and Frank are working in fine tandem here! My only concern is these two getting loose in the world unchaperoned. That may be a little too much awesome for some folks to handle.

IOW, Marky, not bad! Keep it up! :smile: