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The Official Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1 thread


This literally couldn’t be more exciting for the people of Earth. We think this is the best thing we’ve ever done and we cannot wait to share it with you peeps. Here’s a link to the big art preview:

Below is a recap for any silly sausages you missed volume one. BUT GET THIS: Frank Quitely is on here tomorrow night doing a live chat. Don’t miss!!

Jupiter's Legacy - Who is the Girl In Red?

I think that artwork might be the best I’ve ever seen from Quitely, and this is the man who did We3.

The image of the city from the spire, little things like being psychically sent back to the womb … this looks astonishing, quite frankly.


I’m excited that we’re going to be getting a regular dose of this on a monthly schedule for the rest of the year.


I just might consider selling my soul if it meant I could draw like that.


Frank who?


Hey all,

Has the identity of the Girl in Red that hangs out with Jules and Brandon been revealed?

thanks in advance!


I haven’t got to read it, but flicked through it at lunchtime. That is pretty darn amazing stuff.

Nice to see the cosplay stuff in the back too. I tip my hat you folks for your craft and dedication.


It seems there will be a Jupiter’s Circle vol 3 now. There seems to be a big period of time between the end of Jupiter’s Circle vol 2 and Jupiter’s Legacy (ie. Skyfox breaking out of supermax, getting married, having hutch, and then meeting his end). I really dislike Jupiter’s Circle. I thought it was because of the story but I realized today that it’s because of the really really poor art. Especially when you have Quietly working on Legacy, the poor work on Circle just really stands out.


Things changed! :slight_smile:

That darned Quitely! He has gotten better - again! The story rolls nicely, with a couple of belly laughs along the way. It’s just issue #1 of this arc, so the gather-the-troops bits work very well. Things build to a suitable cliffhanger, just at the right point. Brandon may be powerful, but he’s been Walter’s meat puppet all along.


And I got blessed by Saint Frank! :laughing:


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 - This was definitely worth the wait. Mark and Frank are working like they’re one person again. The whole issue feels like the pilot to a new series or a film. I love the bit with Skyfox at the beginning. He was such a standout in Jupiter’s Circle that I’m glad he’s featuring here. Then, the skip to present day where they bust out a couple villains in multipage episodes followed by a montage of more breakouts. The panel where the giant woman imprisoned in the Supermax delivers the punchline with Walter and Brandon at head level was perfect. Plus, we get a nice action cliffhanger at the end. I’m really looking forward to my regular hit of Jupiter’s Legacy. Bring it on.


Quitely’s in a league of his own, of course, but I would never call the art on Circle “poor”. Torres is a master at telling a story through art, and just telling the story is something that a lot of the flash guys today forget in their efforts to be, well, flash. The colouring, too (and I’m sorry, I completely forget the colourist’s name) is some of the best in comics – again, concentrates on making the art clear instead of showing off your computer’s box of tricks, which puts me off a lot of modern comics.


I agree. Torres did an amazing job especially selling the time frame of the Jupiter’s Circle stories.


That’s maybe a little harsh. Compared against St. Frank (yeah @Miqque, I am using your title for him) it is a little different. He’s a difficult benchmark to be compared to. I liked it. It was a different flavour for a different story.

However it is a matter of taste, so if it didn’t work for you that’s fair enough.


Just to clarify, it’s only fair to compare Frank to Frank. Same with every other artist. I’ve said many a time that I am no artist, I just have opinions. All the art in the Series Jupiter has been excellent. So far, I caught one coloring error. (Yeah, go find it - something to do), one spelling error. Mark and I clashed about anachronisms. (Mark - go watch Houdini & Doyle it’s really good except for the glaring anachronisms! :laughing:).

I should not like to even try to touch the course of the series. I do think it might be fun to do maybe a couple of wee stories, the kind that used to show up in ancient DC, 4-6 pagers, of observing the superhumans from the outside. Got a couple ideas about this.


I should also mention that I loved the cosplay pictures in the back especially @Andy and the right hand drive classic Mustang in the one sequence was pretty cool.


Na it’s not just Torres, Mike used a team of substitute artists to fill in the blanks for Quietly. Just look at the issues where Quietly does the cover and someone else does the rest. The quality contrast is stark. Torres wasn’t as bad as some of the others Mike used. Sorry but its the truth. Im glad I realized this because I was thinking that I don’t like the book, now I realize that I just don’t like the art.


I loved it the issue so much I read it twice in a row. I especially loved seeing Quitley’s Skyfox!!! That was a major bonus. I’d really love to see more Skyfox. I can’t help but wish for a 6 issue Skyfox solo comic. There wasn’t enough of him in Jupiter’s Circle for me. But of course, a solo comic just for the sake of it wouldn’t be a wise move and didn’t Monsieur Millar say that Jupiter’s Legacy vol.2 is the end of the whole Jupiter’s story? Maybe I just imagined that. I really wish there was a Jupter’s Circle/Legacy action figure line. I would buy every single one of them.


There is not a lot to say about the first issue of Legacy.

Perfection is just perfection. It’s one word and describes exactly what it was.


From the New Comics thread:


If you look at Jupiter’s Circle vol 1 #6 you will see Quitely’s skyfox up front on the cover.