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The Official Jupiter's Circle #6 thread


Oh, man. You have no idea how much I’ve loved writing this series. You have no idea how much I love Skyfox in particular. It’s been great seeing people dig it so much as it’s a very, very unusual superhero comic and only get moreso.

I’d pretty much finished the second volume a while back, but jumped onto the new series I’m doing with Marvel’s biggest artist next Spring and will be returning to it sometime next week. I honestly can’t wait. This second volume is structured a little differently, focusing on the other characters, The Utopian and Lady Liberty in particular. It’s more like a six issue storyline, weaving in and out of various situations, and it’s worked out really, really well. A Rockefeller trying to buy superhuman sperm in 1966? You betcha!



This issue will be waiting in my pull box for me after work today. Can’t wait.

Millarworlders - Don’t forget you can talk to the artist, Wilfredo Torres, in the Wednesday Fan Chat today at 2pm New York Time.


My LCS has my special very own copy (aka the ONLY ONE) but it doesn’t open for another hour. Can’t wait.

The Local Comic Shop Experience

So bizarre they just get one copy. Big Bang in Ireland get literally dozens and they do 200 in Jetpack in New Hampshire. You need to have a word with your man :smile:



They buy a lot of Big Two but third parties…it’s only order by asking.
I’m the only one who asks.

But there’s always a fair dozen or two at Midtown or Forbidden down Union Sq. way


Hahaha. I hinted at this but ended up moving it to another thread. It is a bizarre business. I would think a Millarworld book would be a sure sell but some shops are still locked into almost Big 2 only orders.


I remember reading somewhere that a big percentage of comic shops only buy big two comics to stock on the shelves.

It may explain why the percentage of trade sales for indies is far higher than for Marvel and DC. In Bookscan numbers Image actually sell more trades than both of the big two (although a big chunk is Walking Dead) despite being way behind in the monthly charts.


I remember years back trying to buy a Travis Charest Wildcats when I was in California and the guy said he didn’t stock a single Image title. It was weird as the store was a decent size.

What’s interesting is that my Marvel buys have been almost zero for the last 5-10 years and my DC books just one or two at most whereas my Image buys are up hugely.



Same here. It makes me wonder of the Marvel (or DC) Zombie still exists.


To be honest, it’s a tiny minority of stores now. Image comics generally stocked everywhere now. We’ve been really happy with them. I think that kind of thinking generally went out around 5 years back.



Do you ever get a run-down of what percentage of Diamond accounts order your books?


The payoff on this/these series is taking too long.
With Millar, I’m used to 4-5 books ending with a big payoff.
But with Jupiter, I’m waiting patiently and nothing gets wrapped.

It’s like Mark is saying to me “Hey, here’s a cool character and another cool character and another one and 10 more. Look at the awesome situation I’m putting them in. Want to see what happens next? Ya? Ok hold on for 10 months while I go back in time and tell you about their parents’ mundane problems and squabbles set in the 1950’s when they were young and kind of boring. You like to read more about Barnabas and Jason? Just hold on for about a year until I come back to it. You got attached to Hutch and Chloe and want to read about them going to war with Brandon and Walter? Sit back while I regale you with stories about their parents’ former teammates. Don’t worry the last two issues will deal with Hutch’s father and explain how he became a supervillian. Just kidding! It’ll only explain how he got fucked by Walter. Btw, Im not gonna explain how any supervillians get their powers at all. I’m not gonna really visit the characters you got to love in Jupiter’s Legacy. Im gonna focus only on their long dead teammates and not really show you why they aren’t there for the events of Legacy. Instead of expanding the world/mythos of this story, I’ll narrow it down to the mundane lives of people remotely related to Jupiter’s Legacy.”

This is the only comic series by Millar that has not blown my mind. You can decide if that is a compliment or a criticism.


I think you’re looking at it like it’s a more traditional or much younger-aimed Marvel series and the ORIGIN of all the characters hinted at in JL. This isn’t that kind of book. It’s a distinct entity that clicks together with the other title, but you’re looking at it the wrong way if you’re assuming it’s a secret origins for the characters in another title. Otherwise it would be Jupiter’s Legacy. You shouldn’t pick up this book expecting a continuation of JL Book 1. I finished that a while back and Frank Quitely is drawing it right now, but it’s a very different book.

These two different stories take place in the same universe but separated by half a century and about, superficially, quite different things. There’s pay-offs in both series, but they exist within the pages of each distinct title. This isn’t Jupiter’s Legacy Year One. It’s Jupiter’s Circle and aimed a little older than general superhero titles, which is maybe what you went in expecting. It’s about the slowness and slight disappointment of adult life. Where Spider-Man and such like are about hoping to get that first kiss, this is about things not working out. It’s more Mad Men than Dawson’s Creek, more European than American. The whole 12 issues I wanted to feel like Fellini doing a superhero comic so if you’re a Spider-Man fan, as you seem to be, this might just not be the book for you and you’d be better with something faster-paced like Nemesis or Kick-Ass or Starlight or whatever, which is of course perfectly reasonable.



I get what you’re saying.
But I also think one of Millar’s underrated talents are the small moments. Sure, he can do blockbuster…but Circle is pretty much entirely the aspect of his writing that I’ve always found appealing.

Just small vignettes. It’s neat-o, wonderchick.


I think it’s kind of the opposite in that we’ve gotten a pretty decent payoff every two issues. There are linkages between the too and there is some payoff coming. Besides if it was just a straight prequel, it would feel a bit connect the dots. I find what we’re actually getting much more interesting.


Ya I definitely hear that. I expected it to be more closely related to Legacy than it is I guess.
I think I’ve long tired of general superhero titles, the username is just a name- not a Spidey devotee. I enjoyed book 1 of Chrononauts and my favorite pulls are non-superhero titles like East of West by Hickman and Low by Remender. But ya the pace on Jupiter and especially on Jupiter’s Circle does seem to be too slow for me. Maybe I’ll just wait for trade on the rest of Jupiter; sometimes, slower series are awesome when I can read without a big wait between issues.


What we have here is a Scot writing about the neighborhood and society where and when I grew up. It’s fascinating, funny, tragic and quite adult. We’re talking about modern morals after decades of profound change looking back on the past. Would most of these problems exist right now? Yes and No, fairly equally. There was almost no notice of the new Spock being gay, yet when Jackson was casting Gandalf there was nearly a right-wing revolt. (Stopped by a group of webmasters.)

So much has changed! Even Archie has changed!

We live in interesting times!


While I will try to get a proper review up over the weekend, having finally read the issue, here’s some stuff that stood out.

I liked the contrast with #5, which was all outsider perception, or at least massively filtered with a third party view. #6, on the other hand, drops down the framework and I think does a better job of showing Skyfox as a vulnerable and flawed character than it’s predecessor due to this. A move that really gives his two-parter some interesting tonal moods.


Jupiter’s Circle #6 - @wilfredotorres is back kicking ass with amazing pencils. I read this issue a while back in black & white and was blown away by the coloring by Ive Svorcina in this issue. It takes already great art to another level. It is also becoming obvious that this is where @Mark_Millar tips the rock over the precipice and everything follows on from the actions of this book. The issue was great and I can’t wait for the ensuing ride.


There’s a pretty good review up on CBR. It brought up something I hadn’t thought of. Could Walter have actually used his powers to pull Sunny away from George as some kind of twisted revenge? We have seen similar scheming in Jupiter’s Legacy. I also like this last bit in the review.

Hopefully, the next volume will kick off shortly; while we wait for new issues of “Jupiter’s Legacy,” this sister series has become something to enjoy in its own right, not just as a companion to the first title. That’s a nice feat.