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The official Jupiter's Circle #5 thread - ON SALE NOW!!!!


This Skyfox 2 parter wraps up the first volume before we go straight into Book 2 and a longer six part story that makes up the second half of this saga. Skyfox is my favourite character I’ve ever created. I absolutely love writing him and as I’m one issue away from the end of book 2 I’m going to miss this guy enormously.



I’ll be getting this on Wednesday at the new Graham Cracker store in Wisconsin, already have a frame for it. :sunglasses::thumbsup: I re-read 1-4 this week, can’t get enough of this story!


On sale now, Earth people!



First reviews are in. This issue’s a goodie…



The redhead with Sheldon - Grace in a wig, or…?


I thought coloring error.


A great start to the Skyfox story. I can really see that this has been worth the wait.
He’s been one of my most anticipated characters and it was nice to see how his rakeshell nature was played with. It didn’t go exactly like I thought it would, but the surprise was clever.

My review for should be up by tomorrow night.


That thought crossed my mind too, but her hair is longer and styled differently than the style usually seen on Grace to date. Figured it could be some sort of secret identity effort (despite that Sheldon’s in his Utopian duds). Or maybe Sheldon’s not the faithful boy scout and saint we’ve been led to believe in. :smile:


Don’t even say that!
It’s Grace though, he says the name.

Maybe it’s a secret identity effort…but way too much


Sheldon is not married to Grace at this point.

That’s his first wife.

Grace is Lady Liberty and she isn’t attached at this stage.



That settles that! :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing that up, sir.


Awww that makes sense.
I was confused due to the first issue mentioning Grace…and then Sheldon being married.

Hahaha. Wow.


So is there a Johnny & June story here?


Well, on the Promo with all of the flaws Utopian’s is “Perfect”.

Probably too married to the job.


This issue was lots of fun. Great characterisation and a solid twist. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. This book has a really unique flavour.


Thanks, all. It seems to be going down very well, which is nice as it’s an odd book, but one I really, really wanted to write. I’d had the idea for years for a Magnolia style Super-Friends and it was only after building up the vast, worked-out back-story to Legacy that I realised it would work well here.

The thing to remember is that very few characters cross over into Legacy. This book is much more simple than you would imagine. Walter, Grace and Sheldon of course appear in Legacy, but everything else is self-contained here, though the Walter George Sheldon triangle is a huge deal creating ramifications in the Quitely book.

I sent out the final issue to pals last night for book one and we get a one month gap for the trade coming out then straight into book two. I’ve written pretty much all of two and it’s slightly more blended than the two issue arcs of book one, one big story though dipping in and out of their lives for the occasional focus. Grace and Sheldon are a big feature of the opening chapter, Grace perfect but totally alone and Sheldon’s interesting domestic situation. Skyfox kicks into high gear with the second issue.



Good to hear, didn’t realise volume two was coming so soon.

Now I’m off for a boiled egg. A number 45 for me this morning, I think. :slight_smile:


Jupiter’s Circle #5 - I love this book and I’m not alone. It’s exciting to start delving into Hutchence’s story as it seems to be central to both Jupiter’s Circle and Legacy. I enjoy the Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne with superpowers mix. I will be interested to see how @Mark_Millar continues his progression into the “villain” we know he will become. @davidegianfe and @cesko_11 have done a great job of keeping the mid-20th century American tone to the art and matching Wilfredo Torres’ style. I hadn’t realized until this issue that Sheldon and Grace were not married yet. That’s another wrinkle that will be interesting to watch develop. I have issue #6 waiting in my inbox. I can’t wait to read it.


Hey, thanks to Blake and Mark for allowing me to stink up such a classy joint by printing my Chrononauts pic! Pretty exciting, although not the four page fold-out I was hoping for :wink:


Finally up!
Sorry for the delay, hectic week