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The Official Jupiter's Circle #3 thread!


For this comic has descended from the skies and in stores today.

Maybe Wilfredo’s BEST WORK EVER. I love this book so much!



Really enjoying Wilfredo’s work on this. I follow him on Instagram and he posts some great stuff.


Is there some benefit to purchasing TODAY? Like the first-day view for a TV show? It’s payday and I have to TCB, but if there’s a benefit of ratings or something to be had from first-day-of-release purchases, I shall make a point of doing so.

Otherwise I’ll sluff it off to the weekend.

Fred’s such a great guy. Will he be doing another AMA, maybe around the end of the series?


Wilfredo Torres would be a great guest for an AMA.


I was worried that it might feel abrupt, moving from smaller story to smaller story, but it feel really natural to go from Blue Bolt to The Flare.

And man, the Flare - he has to stop listening to bartenders. I can’t decide if that was the greatest or the worst bartender who ever lived. Maybe both.


Haha. All bartenders are the greatest and the worst,

Where this goes from here has been a joy and then issues 5 and 6 belong to Skyfox, which blends into a larger story arc as the pace quickens and we move immediately into the second volume. I became so obsessed with this I just couldn’t stop writing and have actually almost finished the whole twelve issues.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of a series than this. I love what Wilfredo’s done. He’s been the perfect partner on this. The 4 Jupiter’s books are going to make four fine volumes next summer when they’re all done.

Wilfredo is 100% going to be an AMA guest. I’d like him on here the day issue six comes out, which is around 12 weeks tonight.



Haha, that’s very true.

And Skyfox definitely has the best little asides. When he tells you to slow your roll with the ladies, then that’s saying something.

Can’t wait for his story and what comes out of it.


So there’s no focus on the Utopian or his wife in this series?


BLEH! Fitz is a dick!

And not that bright of a dick, either!

Good job, Mark!


Focus is on Skyfox next, Utopian, Lady Liberty and Brain-Wave after.



I noticed that Brain-Wave has no counterpart on the “Teen Scene” cover.
Wow, no one likes Brain-Wave. Not even fanboys.


Ha! Very true.

I like the Teen Scene guys to remain at four for now, for historical reasons!! There’s some great stuff with them next issue, the insecurities of The Flare hanging out with his 19 year old girlfriend at their hang out.

Also, Liberace and Satanism. Next issue is mental.



That’s going to be fun. They look like such dweebs, especially that guy in the Blue Bolt-ish tunic. The only two that look cool are “Greaser from heaven” and “Hawk-Speedy”. Well…maybe Brain-Wave is better off without a Brain-Wave Jr. if they dress up like that.

Should be great to see them hang out with Flare and Miracle Girl. Mental is usually entertaining.


Huh, I didn’t know this was out this week.


Oh, yes. Every Millarworld book is monthly now. It’s impossible for them not to be, since we started stockpiling before publication. I’m loving it.

Chrononauts #4 (double-sized) is out next week and wraps up the first arc btw.



Ah, can’t wait for Chrononauts #4.

This issue of Jupiter’s Circle was the best yet, I think - the relationship stuff could easily have been overplayed and melodramatic if it went too far, but keeping it understated and focusing on the real-life details sold it much better, and made the fallout hit harder when it came. Something about the characters and relationships of this second arc are grabbing me more than the first, so I look forward to the next issue.

I also didn’t even notice the pages of fill-in art as I read it - the styles mesh together really smoothly.


Jupiter’s Circle #3 - I can see why an actor used to the ins and outs of Hollywood would be interested in a role for this book. Mark’s story reads much more like L.A. Confidential or Hollywoodland than a superhero book. Wilfredo’s art is still perfect giving this just the right feel. It really gives the impression that the curtain has been pulled back behind the scenes on an episode of Superfriends. In short, another great issue.


Oh crap, I’d forgotten about that entirely. I didn’t notice at all.


I thought the blended in well. I’m impressed with Torres. He’s had a pretty rough year and is still doing great work here. I hope working on this series really gives him the recognition and financial stability he deserves.

He posts art on Instagram and Tumblr. Really great stuff.


I follow him on Twitter and I like all of the sneak peeks he gives on there too.