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The Official Jupiter's Circle 2 #5 Thread


I love this book like no other and had SUCH A BALL writing it. I also can’t wait to have all four volumes of this saga at Christmas and sitting there on the shelves when the big Lorenzo DiBonaventura movie comes out. Gonna be a beaut!

This issue is the penultimate chapter and the shit hits the fan like you wouldn’t believe. The sequel to Jupiter’s Legacy, by the way, starts in June with Mister Frank Quitely doing MONTHLY. How do we know for sure? WE SPENT EIGHTEEN MONTHS STOCKPILING THEM TO BE SURE!!! :slight_smile:



PS Here’s our first advance review:




Okay, sorry about that, Chief.

Mark: I know you said you enjoy writing George, but the character I have enjoyed most is Walter. He is just such an epic slimeball! Knowing what he does in the ‘future’ is just icing on the cupcake, every panel just simmers with his internal nastiness. He’s what i would be without any moral fiber whatsoever, and that is just a scary concept.

Chris: Okay, you missed one line, but thanks for all the fish! How you do so much with so few lines is plain cool. Thanks!

Ive: Love your work!

Peter: Very nice!

Bill: Dang it, bud! You always hit it out of the park!

Frank: I shall simply admire quietly.

Rollicking issue!

Just one thing: Sheldon’s not the sharpest knife in the wooden block, is he?


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #5 - Another great issue. You can see the threads of this series converging into the next. I know some of what’s coming but can’t wait to see everything Mark has in store. I love the Chris Sprouse/Ty Templeton art duo too. Great issue. One more before the next volume of Jupiter’s Legacy. I’m so pumped.


Walter is a prick Walter is a prick Walter is a prick Walter is a prick Walter is a prick Walter is a prick. but he is not a villain. Are we going to have a villain in Legacy vol 2? or is it just going to Chloe vs Brandon? is someone in the background manipulating Walter and Brandon?


What’s a villain? Someone who alters the brain chemistry of someone he knows an enemy loves in the hope of making their lives less fulfilled? I would say Walter is capable of anything, small and large.



When you put it like that it does sound Prof. Zoom levels of petty.


He’s a total sh*t. He made Sunny fall out of love with Skyfox just because he slighted him. Then marry him, have kids, spend the rest of their lives together. Then tell Skyfox just when he was getting on his feet, just to mess with him. I cannot wait to see him get his desserts in JL2. His vanity is the root of all their problems.



Sounds like a recent meme that has been making the rounds on the web, #wastehertime1958

It has been satisfying to see Hutch Jr. cobble together a life in spite of this and one that is at the direct opposition to Brain-Wave


This series has been an incredible run, I couldn’t find a thread for #6 but I just finished it and …WHOA! If JL2 doesn’t have some major flashbacks there better be a JC3 run! I just love George so much, can’t wait to finish my Skyfox costume. :slight_smile:


I think #6 came out right around the time Mark got married. So I don’t think there was an official thread as he’s usually the one to start those. If I remember, I looked for it too.

My review is here.


My review: