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The Official Jupiter's Circle 2 #4 Thread


If someone had to ask me what I regard as the best work I’ve ever done I would say it’s Jupiter’s Legacy and Jupiter’s Circle and I’m especially proud of Circle. It all forms one massive story and the whole thing will be complete by the time the movie is shooting and we’ll have all four trades nicely sitting on shelves for the year leading up to release.

Circle has been fascinating as it;s quite a below the radar series, but has enjoyed huge attention from the most unlikely sources. I’ve had 3 TV offers for it, the producers not realising it’s linked to Legacy and thus with Lorenzo DiBonaventura and when the first issue came out I had the world’s most famously gay-but-not-publicly-gay actor on the phone, asking about the idea of him bringing the gay superhero to life on-screen. It was utterly surreal because for the entire chat he never once mentioned the fact that he himself was gay and I didn’t really feel it was my place to and he seemed disappointed when he learned the rights were already with someone else.

Anyway, as we draw this series to a close it’s taken us in some interesting places and given me a chance to write a series I’ve always, always wanted to write. Here’s a wee preview for today’s issue 4 with beautiful art by Chris Sprouse and Walden Wong.



I love this series.

I will cherish the eventual hard covered gold embroided opus.


Still loving this series. If anything the only thing that has dampened my enthusiasm for this book is my love for Huck. I used to laugh at your enthusiasm and how each new project was your favorite and best ever. Now I understand. It’s a complicated life being a Millar fan. :wink:





Fix 4 u!


What are you doing sneaking a perfectly good superperson fight into the middle of all this drama? Problem is, I understand Walter perfectly. That may not be a good thing.


So, Flare’s kid is The Gladiator then yeah?
Last issue gave off that feel.


Really? How come?



Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #4 - Wow. The Gene Hackman Lex Luthor analog is brilliant and fits perfectly in this timeline. I like that Skyfox is back onside but wonder what Walter has planned that will drive him away. It seems that Walter has some serious problems with him that may bring his past actions into question and may plant the seeds of a lot what has happened and will happen in Jupiter’s Legacy. The art team was pretty fantastic too. I love the breakdown/finish model when it works. As always, looking forward to the next issue.

Hmm. I didn’t get the Gladiator reference. It will be interesting to see who the kid is in the future world. I do think it’s fun that Mark played with our expectations from the previous Flare story. I assumed that would be the beginning of his supervillain arc.


Thanks, fella. The next issue is a heart-breaker. The whole Walter/Utopian/Skyfox thing plays out in a way you will not expect. Did I send you it over email last night with Huck #6?



Yes. Thank you. I downloaded them last night but didn’t get a chance to read them yet. Knowing what I know, I am most interested in the how the Walter/Utopian/Skyfox thing shakes out. I’m starting to feel like that is the Skywalker family type story running through both (and maybe the third) books.


Just the sternness we’ve seen out of that kid.
And the blasting through the wall.
Coupled with the nature of prequels laying down the future…I thought, this is how a kid sized Gladiator would be


I think, after Huck, you have found my heart quite … resilient. You may try!

Also, I think you’d best keep that Sprouse kid around. There are possibilities!


SKYFOX baby! hell yeah! THAT is what a freaking superhero is! This book is hitting on all 10 cylinders and moving at full steam ahead. Since the story has moved into the 70’s it has even more of a “Super friends-uncensored” feel to it, the panel of the gorillas watching the “luggage test” made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to have all four volumes of this story on the shelf! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


only 10 cylinders BD? i would think that this is a full blown V12. The end reminded me of my earlier post when I said that Walter has always been a dick. So at this point in time, Flare is the only hero with kids?


But those 10 cylinders are running on Krytonite and Gamma Rays! :wink:
Edit: That last panel of Walter is frame-able. :sunglasses: