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The Official Huck #5 Thread


Our today, lads and lasses. So delighted with this series. Here’s the first review and it’s maybe my fave review for anything ever. Glad to see this series is being appreciated so much!



The last page gave me goosebumps. Issue 6 can’t come fast enough.


I picked it up at lunchtime. I love the Ghostbusters themed variant cover.


I just called the LCS and they don’t have it! :angry: Another Wednesday trip to Iowa for me. :wink:


Baws! Did they sell out or were they just short?


They didn’t get it in unfortunately.


Hope you pick it up soon bud.


They didn’t get in a book you pre-ordered? That’s crazy. Was it a shipping problem?



I never know where I’ll be on release day so I don’t pre-order from the LCS, the guys in Iowa only had one copy (Huckbuster) so I’ll hunt down the other cover too.


Ah makes sense then.


So the slow burn explodes into raging fires and Oh My Grud Raphael is just killing it!

This is just so good, Millar, I can’t really say more without affecting your ego structure! Spot on - everywhere! Now, I just lauded Mr. Adams a bit for Coming of the Supermen #2, and I’m in love with Rucka and Nicola’s Black Magick, but you are a chef with your own Michelin Star. Now, Old Man Logan is a grand read, as is Civil War and lots of your other stuff, but the current Mark Millar tends to be one of my favorite iterations of Author Millar. (You get to be an Author when you live off it, until then we’re stuck with writer.)

Cinematic much?


I normally read trades because I don’t want to wait for the story but Huck has been well worth the wait each month! As much as I anticipate the next issue, it has yet to let me down. He’s such a sweet guy but don’t make him angry…you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry :rage: That’s two Millarworld books in a month that end with a frame-able panel
(How about “The Incredible Huck” variant? :wink: )
My custom frame for the 1st six issues will be ready in time for this arc’s finale next month. I’ll post it in the #6 thread.


I should point out my wife has read some trades but never a monthly comic, she’s hooked on this story as much as I am! :heart_eyes:


Yesss! Another one! Your sscheme ssucceedss, Masster!


Something weird happening with Huck. Every once in a while you stumble on a concept or a character people seem to fall in love with and Huck seems to be one of these. I’ve never been especially active in seeking out merch for my characters, but the number of requests I’ve had for Huck plushies and statues from readers, retailers and merchandising companies is crazy, considering this is only on issue five.

Rafa and I are just delighted people digging it so much. Here’s a few more reviews…


I recall Layman reacting in much the same way when Chew hit, and now he has plushies and such. I mean, do we really want a plushie of Nemesis? As naughty as Orlov might be Huck is a tale to tickle our good-guy reptile brains. It is not salacious, primarily sexual, a revenge fantasy or even a power fantasy. It is about having an absolute sense of right versus wrong, so deep down it cannot be disturbed by external force. Even if the external force is big and bearded!

Maybe you might want to develop somebody in your close personal or business circle to do at least a bit more merchandising? My friend Jennifer was very resistant to doing merch for he music for a long time, then, maybe five years ago, started doing t-shirts and posters and such. Found that it’s “the whole package” these days.


A Huck plushie or Statue would both be ordered on announcement in my house !


Mine too. This and Empress only books of mine my entire family actually reading :slight_smile:



A little late to the party on this as I was out of town. Here goes.

Huck #5 - I know this was out a couple weeks ago but I just had a chance to pick it up from my LCS. This is probably the most suspenseful issue of the bunch. It’s less about Huck doing good deeds and more about him coming up against those who mean him and his mother harm. It was another great issue. @Mark_Millar and @RafaelA continue to bring their A game. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this chapter.

Sheena is still reading this book with me and enjoying it. I think you could have a Saga level book on your hands here, Chief. Are you sure you don’t want to just make this an ongoing? :wink: