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The Official Huck #4 Thread - On sale now!


Really, really delighted with how this has shaped up. This issue may have you in tears, if like me you’re weak.


First review:

Note: Rachael is running these threads like a boss. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the letter column at the back of the next issue. Sound as clever as possible!!



I’ll have it in my hands within the next hour !


That Albuquerque fellow can do some drawing! Each panel gives high energy, yet has a whole story to be told behind it. Fine collaborating on Huck thus far!

Now, Mark, I know good and well you promised to bring me to tears. Yeah, I guess I do have a heart of stone in a way. Maybe I’ve had enough disasters in my own life to even regard myself with some degree of empathic separation and view them as a process. Facts are such tricky things, when they come out they expose the deceptions and the effects of deception. You leave us with a huge unasked question: Where, and Who, is Daddy?


My LCS got shorted on Huck #4. So I’ll have to wait until next week.


What the Hell? :slightly_smiling:



That’s a blow ! I have to buy two copies and the variant each month one for me ,one for my daughter and the variant goes up on her wall amongst her Batgirl and Supergirl covers.


He seemed to think it was a mispack at Diamond. He was shorted on a handful of titles.


I picked this up Wednesday night and read it (twice!) Thursday morning with my coffee. The story just keeps getting better! The escape sequence was incredible, the art; particularly facial expressions really made me feel Anna’s desperation to protect her baby. I assumed that’s what Mark was referencing as a tear-jerker…then came the baby ducks and circus rescue! :wink: Just when I was comfortable with everyone I got to the end, thanks for the gut-punch @Mark_Millar ! I’m seeing one of my brothers soon for the 1st time in almost 5 years, he’s definitely getting a “Beer Hunter” shirt and an OMG hat. I’ll be watching him very carefully. :wink:
Edit: I should give a shout out to Dave McCaig, the colors are so important to setting the mood and he nails it!


Ah, thanks, fella. The real gut punch I was meaning was the ending. That idea where he got the thing he always wanted, twice over, only to find out it was NOT what he thought.

Next issue’s cover should be some cause for worry :slightly_smiling:


Finally caught an issue of Huck, and of course it was this one. Very obviously a Superman parallel going on here (strangely, when I was younger, I toyed with a Superman who had a brother). For folks who like this version, I’d recommend Tom De Haven’s It’s Superman!, which also posits a far less slick Man of Steel. I will admit, it was a gut punch for me, even having read just the one issue, to have the rug pulled out from under Huck’s feet like that. Sucks for the mom, too! Also appreciated the Stuart Immonen profile at the end of the issue.


Superman, weirdly, never on my mind at all. This is Cap all the way, the American ideal, the good-hearted soul who just wants to do the right thing and, after this issue, you realise he’s even related to a government experiment, though obviously on the other side. It’s funny some people have seen Superman as an influence, but the whole time I was writing I was thinking Frank Capra doing Captain America :slightly_smiling:



That’s the PERFECT way to describe it!


I guess I’d have to read other issues.



Maybe so :slight_smile:



You won’t regret it ! One of the best out there and a genuine pain to have to wait a month to get the next issue but has been so worth it when it’s finally arrived.


I dunno. Now I think it’s an indictment of Stephen King’s conclusions in The Stand, and that Huck is actually Stu Redman, as specifically portrayed by Gary Sinese. The ironic change in hair color is the dead giveaway.


Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Huck #4 - My LCS finally got their copies from last week. I still love everything about how this book is put together. I love how much the art breathes and if you’ve read it, you know the gut punch at the end though there were some details that I hadn’t picked up on before. I just don’t want this book to end.


I think that might be folks who know you casually. Your love for the Big Boy Scout has been long noted. Maybe this explains Red Son. You think Cap, you write Superman; you think Superman, you write Cap.

Ain’t one of us humans faster than our own ego defense mechanisms!